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Do you have to search a lot to find a bucket big enough for all of the wrongness you continually post here? Anyone with a sports background will discover that doing an xstep as part of your throw will make things better. I don't have any videos but I'm sure my friends and I were doing that when playing catch with lids on the baseball field in High School in the 70's. It a natural progression when learning to rotate your hips to generate more power. But I guess if a friend of a friend who's mom's exboyfriend that saw a guy with a frisbee shirt at Walmart said so, it must be true.
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Not a full cross, LOL.

Literally the first second of the video:

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Originally Posted by Monkeypaws View Post
Is it a lack of basic athleticism that would prevent someone going full out and maintaining form?

I've seen enough "rate my form" vids to know there there are a lot of out of shape, awkward folks who wanna be DG heroes and throw 400+. They just don't have the tools.

There are limitations up the wazoo - condition, age, agility, coordination, etc.
I don't think it's physically possible to throw all that well at 100% effort although you might feel/perceive 100% power. There needs to be a kinetic chain reaction up through the body to whip the arm. It's kind of weird talking about power or effort, whatever people say is all subjective and feeling/perception based stuff. Scientifically speaking, trying to analyze this data really doesn't mean a whole lot. What I think is 70%, someone might think is 100%. Or maybe they think their arm is 100% effort, but hips 50%. Or hips 100% and arm is 0%. Another question is when? Do they start at 100% from the get go, or do they accelerate from 50 to 100 or 0 to 100?

I'd say 70% overall effort yields 100% power efficiency/smash factor. Beyond that it's diminishing returns exponentially and possibly reversing. You need to start slow so you can accelerate through the hit because to launch the disc Force = mass * acceleration. Strong armers/rounders often have a massive arm acceleration from the get go and end up decelerating through the hit.

IMO it takes more athleticism to not throw full out. When you watch the best pros in sports they are the ones that look effortless and smooth and rhythmic.

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% effort in sports has always been a cringy thing for me. Track was my main sport for years and into college and workouts we were calling for 70% power always seemed to be interpreted differently and that was the simple act of running by runners ffs not something as complex as a swing or throw.

Acceleration! I am 100% certain from my own process and watching others and wondering about form strong arming and grip lock have everything to do with huge initial acceleration and dramatic deceleration through the power pocket, grip lock is deceleration through the hit zone and accidental re-acceleration after that.

It is a tough mental wall to get over/through that not grunting out for more distance but I know my personal quest is to hear good players make comments like "that was smooth" or "that looked effortless" those just also happen to be my best... longest AND most accurate throws.

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