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Default Knowing your limits

Temperature limits, that is.

Personally, if it’s below 20 degrees I typically don’t enjoy playing too much.

Tee time today should be about 27 and it should be up around 32 by the time we’re finishing up.

How cold does it have to get before you would rather not go out and play?
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I'm not a fan below about 35.. but, as odd as it sounds, after I moved out of the upper midwest, I got rid of cold weather gear.
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One of my favorite memories is a day when it had 6" fresh snow, the day high was 26 with a sunny blue sky.
Four of us played an open course with no one but two snowmobiles flying around the course.
We shoveled and swept the tees the first round, by the second round they were dry. I got a little sun burn on my face that day.
If it had been windy I wouldn't have enjoyed it.
So my limits are pretty close to the same as the OP but the wind will decide if I play in the 20s or not.
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As long as the official windchill temp is a net positive Fahrenheit value, I'm okay playing in a winter competition or league. Otherwise, I agree with 20F as lower limit to just go out for rec play.
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For winter golf it's all about the wind and sun. If it is low winds < 10 mph, especially if it is sunny, I can play in some really cold weather, like 15 degrees or even less.

If the wind is up > 20mph and it's cloudy, even 45 degrees can feel really cold.

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50 F.

Or, as I describe it, "20 below", by which I mean, "below comfortable". Because, here in South Carolina, if it's below 50 I know I can procrastinate a few days, and it'll likely be warmer.

I have played here at 25 degrees (blaming it on some visitors from Minnesota), and in 5 inches of snow (overrated), and gone out when we'd had a week below freezing, just to throw discs on a frozen pond (a rare treat, here). But the question phrased was when I'd rather not go out and play, and that's anytime it's cold enough for me to notice.
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If it's in the 40s I'm not having fun. We don't get much snow here in the middle of NC & I don't think I would want to play in it. I grew up in MI & OH & have lost all ability to enjoy really cold weather.

I also worry about cracking a disc I like on a frozen tree.

I thrive in tournaments where it's 90-95 & sunny. Everyone else wears down & it doesn't bother me.
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Officially refused to acknowledge temp limits twice:

Sep 3, 2011: played Idlewild in 100°F + on a humid day.

Jan 1, 2018: played Winton, Monroe, and Englewood when the actual temp was single digits below (wind chill was something like -20°F).

Interestingly enough, both ocurred in the metro Cincy area.

*starts Go Fund Me page to pay for psychiatric help*

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I'd take 20 degree temperatures over mosquitoes any day.

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