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Default Does age matter?

Just starting playing disc golf a couple of months ago at age 54,and was just wandering how many others there are out there that are over 50.And any advice you could give
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No it doesn't.

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I'm 73 and I didn't take up the game until I was around 68 or so. As far as advice, I started out by watching a ton of videos on youtube, and since I was retired and had the time, I tried to play everyday if I could. I only hope that you get as much enjoyment out of the sport as I do.

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It matters in that your muscles have lost some of the whip they had in your 20s-30s.

Pretty hard to bomb if you start after 50; however, that depends on your overall condition and build. If you are in good shape and 6'4" with a huge wingspan, you could still bomb.

But you probably do have the wisdom to spend the time working on the putt and approach game.
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I started at 58 and I'm still improving with practice and play. You already did the best move by joining this forum. I would start here https://www.dgcoursereview.com/forum...d.php?t=119328 with Sidewinder22's videos (Reciprocating Dingle Arm, Power of Posture, and the Door Frame Drills). And I think the best advice for everyone learning to play is stretching exercises, especially if you haven't exercised in a while.

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53 yrs old, been playing about 14 yrs...been v-e-r-y slowly getting better every year, but the trend's been consistent.

On the whole, no, it doesn't matter... but you probs won't get the same distance the same form would have gotten you decades ago. Good form can still get you out to 300 or better, we old guys generally have pretty good short games.

The only time I notice my age is it's tougher to play 3-4 rounds a day on road trips, and if they're particularly hilly or long courses, I feel it the next day, whereas I never felt it a few years ago.

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Lots of older folks on here, and on the course. Including me.

As Monkeypaws said, good putting, approaching, scrambling, and accuracy compensates somewhat for the whippersnappers throwing farther. Especially in the woods.
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I'll be 61 this year. This game helps keep you healthy and it's fun. Work on your accuracy and use lighter weight discs as drivers. I still like closer to max weight for my approach, mid range and putter discs.
I use a cart and carry a stool with me all the time so I can rest a few minutes here and there. Save the energy for your throws.

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Yeah my Dad did not start until age 43 and he had when he played more the best Idea, he saw a guy at age 45 with a disc golf bag that was a fishing stool with saddle bags that were built into the bag while playing disc on vacation. My dad asked where the guy got the bag and he said Walmart, so when my dad got home he got the same bag and I would have gotten one too a few weeks later but they were sold out and those bags have never been seen again anywhere.

So my dad has a Disc golf bag with built in stool to it though a single strap bag. I did the same but with the Vertex Fishing Backpack 11 years later in 2017 and wow I can sit every time an not have to remember a stool. Dad is now 58 years old.

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51. Playing in earnest for about one year. Using 155g axiom drivers I have moved my distance to 300. I practice with ions and anodes (175g) in the field each week for form and can put them between 180-200 from a stand still. I recommend ghostloop’s videos on YouTube. I also recommend heavier mids (170+). One of the best things I discovered is a sort of natural “Advil” where I take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach before and after playing and my soreness and recovery time is greatly reduced.

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