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Question Spin Putters - Type of Disc

Well I am what people call a spin putter. From what I have been reading seems like people that spin putt use a softer putter.

People that are push/pitch putters tend to use stiffer putters...is this a correct assumption?

I currently use DX Aviars P&A was wondering what other spin putters are using. Or if there is some other softer style putter i should try.

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Soft/stiff is personal preference no matter what your putting style. Spin putters usually like more stable putters though. The Ion is a great disc for spin putters.
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I used a classic roc for a while, but it got impossible to grab when it got colder. I'm now using an Omega SS and I might pick up a firmer putter for when it gets warmer. It's all a matter of personal preference, like the Roc v. Buzzz shebang.
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I use both soft and stiff putters, because at some point I become a "spin" putter. For me it's around 30 to 40 feet. I must add that I've just recently tried this out (1 weeks now) and it's only because of the Feldberg video were he stated that you will get less of a wobble by using a stiff putter if you push putt. He also stated that at some point you end up having to spin putt.
To me putting is such a personel preference that advise should always be taken with more than a grain of salt. Having said that I use an APX swirl and a APX in HD plastic, but so far I have not noticed much of a diff. (wobble wise). There is also a "soft" APX out there. For me it was going to a less stable putter more than the stiffness that improved my putting, but as I've said it comes down to personal preference.
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I use super stiff putters and I spin putt all of the time. Personal preference I guess.
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My friend is a spin putter but uses really stiff KC Pro Aviars.
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Whatever you're comfortable with. Putting is just a trick shot, use what feels best for you and not what others tell you to.
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I generally work a Magnet and a Soft Magnet for most of my putts. They pretty much hold any line I need to put them on and are fairly consistent for me.

Now I'll tell you a new discs thats made it into my bag for situational putting. It's the Innova Sonic. This is a great spin style putter. A light snap will send this thing on a straight, soft, slow glide whichever direction you throw it. A little roll of the wrist will give a soft anny that straightens out and glides out straight. It's a fun discs to work with for sure.
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I spin putt and use an r-pro hydra...its slightly gummy in summer and stiffer in winter but doesn't really effect me much. It is a stable putter so great for handling the spin
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Medium ion or soft ion, whatever feels for comfortable.
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