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can u get them anywhere yet
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i felt one of the "money" putters in a used bin at a shop in IL and it was GUMMY i liked the feel but i can't let the magics out of the bag.
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Has anyone played with these yet?
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Already Been Chucked?
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I picked up one of their Money Putters at a local course.

The plastic is pretty unique. I'd say it feels like Gateway's Super Soft. It's soft enough to feel like it will resist the "missed putt bounce and roll", but still firm enough that you can torque it without feeling like you're losing control.

The mold is a beadless, medium/slow, long-glide type. Sort of like a Warlock, but with a bit more glide.

Putting with it is really pleasant. On long putts, it held an anny line for the entire flight.

I drove it off the tee along side my Wizards. I have to say that I really like it. Any off-axis torque makes my Wiz flip over, where the Money kept its line. When trying to hyzer-flip it, it fluttered up to flat, and then held a straight line until it hit the ground. It also held a really solid hyzer line when I asked it to.

One issue I have with it is with the plastic's short-term durability. I smacked a tree with it on a short tunnel shot off the tee--an impact my Soft Gateway plastic would have taken in stride.
The Money Putter showed a very noticeable puff on the dome next to the point of impact. It looked bad enough that I was planning to bring it back to the seller to make the issue known. But, by the time I'd finished the next hole, the Money had fixed itself. Really strange.

Pretty impressive disc if you ask me. I'm going to keep throwing it in place of my Wizards. If the plastic holds up, I'll consider switching.
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Sounds money, I'm interested.

Name suggestion for ABC: Quasar!
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you should make a fecebook page too. I signed up for the newsletter a while ago, but becoming a fan on facebook would be cool. ABC is really local for me, so I will be supporting them quite a bit.
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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
Not trying to be a dick, but their disc names and descriptions need some pretty heavy editing. Anybody here in Advertising want to give them a hand?

After browsing their discs page it doesn't make me want to buy one...
I agree with this. I also don't think names matter too much (i throw stalkers, nebulas, wasps, Tl, etc that don't have appealing names), but is important for a new company trying to get into a heavily dominated market.

Screamer! Money! Secret Weapon! these names are silly, gimmicky and don't make me want to grab one.

Same can be said about the stamps. The write ups for the discs are also a joke. Maybe ABC is advertising for newbs, but "Everyone looking
to improve their game must be on a mission to leave themselves
with the shortest putts possible" or "we expect this disc to fly farther than
any other disc on the market"

Really? The farthest disc there is?

Does anyone have flight characteristics or disc specs for these?
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Anywhere online we can buy these?

Im all about new plastic even if it just sits in the practice bag or the putting lineup for the home basket
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There were a couple people at the tournament in Channahon this weekend putting with the ABC putter , and they seemed to really like it.. Supposedly they went into production last week so hopefully the discs should be available soon.
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