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Default Midrange

Innova has several midrange disc.Shark,Stingray,Cobra,Coyote,Roc and others.Is there really that much difference between them and whats your favorite?
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Are they all that much different? No. Are they different? Yes. They all have their nuances. Considering how many different types of throwing styles there are out there, the slight differences in disc flight complement variations in form so that almost everyone looking for a good midrange can find "the right one" for their bag.

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Favorite: DX Roc

A lot of times the difference comes down to the shape of the disc and feel in your hand. 2 discs could have the exact same flight numbers, but one may be flat and the other domey. Some players, especially those who forehand mids, prefer flatter discs for a cleaner release. But others may prefer dome for their mids. It just comes down to what feels more comfortable and makes you feel more confident in your shot.
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Originally Posted by mooredisc View Post
Innova has several midrange disc.Shark,Stingray,Cobra,Coyote,Roc and others.Is there really that much difference between them and whats your favorite?
Is there really that much difference between them? No, not really. There is a lot of overlap, and once you figure in different plastics which makes one mold slightly different from another disc from the same mold there is a TON of overlap. There are some differences i.e. anybody should be able to see a difference throwing a Shark VS a Wolf, but if you are a new player you might have a Shark, Roc and Spider and wonder what the difference is.

Bottom line: You still have to throw them. It depends on which one YOU like. There are probably too many choices and a bunch of discs that do essentially the same thing, but the flip side is there should be something that works for you.

Of course I prefer DX Rocs because they are the best and I'll fight anybody who says different...
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Originally Posted by mooredisc View Post
Innova has several midrange disc.Shark,Stingray,Cobra,Coyote,Roc and others.Is there really that much difference between them and whats your favorite?
Yes, there are differences. Some discs are overstable, and will fade (curve) to the left on a right-hand-backhand (RHBH) throw. Some are understable, and will drift or curve right on a RHBH throw. And some are stable/straight and will go straight and may have some fade to the left at the end of the flight,, or not. Brand new, the Cobra and Stingray are generally more understable, while the Shark and Roc are stable to slightly overstable, and the Gator is very overstable.

The shape of the rim and how the disc feels in your hand is also a difference between molds, and that usually comes down to the thrower's personal preferences.

My favorite: Pink Panther (withhold your surprise).

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They are not the same in terms of stability, but can all be useful. I’ve used all that you mentioned and really did well with the Rocs(DX, Goe and Champ) and Glow King Cobra. They work on many lines and can really help your game. The regular Cobra and Stingray are pretty flippy for anyone with some power. Probably not doing to see many experienced players with those.
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Roc/Roc3 there ya go if you find the Roc too stable beat it in. Kc pro. Mcpro. Dx. Delicious. Mako is okay also pretty similar flight (initially) fatter rim.

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DX Cobra and DX Stingray are my two personal favorites: Cobra is under-stable with fade. Stingray is under-stable with no fade.

I also like the DX Shark, which beats into something like the Stingray. Shark was my only disc the first 7-8 months I played.
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DX rancho rocs are my favorite. Not flat, mild dome, not waxy, preferably red or pink (I swear they fly better for me).

There are moderate differences to all their molds. Try a couple in DX. It’s cheap and a great plastic for mids if you ask me.
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I currently use Cobras as an understable mid and they have been in my bag for years. I have a beat in DX that is great for low power straight throws or throws that I want to make sure go left to right(I throw right hand back hand 95% of the time).

I do have a gator as well, but it's purely a high wind and get out of jail disc. I don't really think of it as a mid.

I tried a Roc and liked it but perfered other non innova discs in the end. Still a great disc don't get me wrong but just didn't win out in the end for me.
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