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I had a dude in my group one night at league that threw the same colorless crystal Buzzz on three straight wooded holes with blind landing zones. At dusk!! Three straight times!! And he needed the whole group to help him look for that damn thing three straight times. I wanted to taco that disc over his head.
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I hate the Daedelus! We got them in the players packs at the NCDGC and they are the flippiest things ever. Even when I took a ton off of my throw that thing still flipped. First day I had it I was messing around with it and it got stuck at the top of a tree. I didn't even make an attempt to get it out.
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Oh man, so many discs that I dislike that I'll just start a list:

Groove, Monarch, Daedelus, Vulcan, Archon, Tee-Devil, Krait, Tern, Mamba, Crank, Nuke SS, Nuke OS, Mantis, Zombee, Pulse, Glide, Xpress, Stratus, Meteor, Buzzz SS, All Gateway that isn't their putters, All Prodigy that isn't their fairway line up, all Quest, all Lightning, Fury, Stiletto, Saint, Mace, Mercy, Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Stag, World, King, Harp, Swan, Underworld...I could keep this going as I'm really not a fan of most discs (probably 98% of the market).
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I hated a particular Pure I had. It was EZE plastic and beat to crap after a year of use. Thing was so flippy I threw it on a risky over a lake shot about 230 with a ton of hyzer but too much so it didn't flip and splashed. I could see it in the water but said good riddance.

As far as molds I hate probably the Archangel and Mamba. Never owned either but have thrown them and super duper fliptastic crap. Good if you throw 250 and nose up I suppose.
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I really don't like the dragon it just is a flip over machine
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I don't like discs that are unpredictable in any way. Way too wind sensitive, unpredictable skips, crazy flairs, discs that will flip from a gust... there are enough predictable molds/plastics to choose from that being unpredictable is just unacceptable, especially in a game of inches.

On a related matter, I really like how reliable my Opto Trident is both in flight and in skip. I know it's going to skip at the target, it's not a question.
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I hated the fact that I actually liked the Frisbee putter, it was a good neutral putter. I had to rid myself of that sickness before I bought a stack.
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Groove. Not sure how it even made it into production. I once also found a blizzard Vulcan. Not sure who thought that was a good idea either. Those are probably the only two discs I've thrown that I just consider absurd. Also really hate the my Vibram Lace in medium plastic. But I've heard a lot of good so it may just be mine.
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Flick. As a flicker I thought maybe it was fate. That disc never did anything except run to the ground and hard right. So I sold the sucker off to a player playing for about 9 months. The disc got it's revenge as 5 days later he aced with it. I have decided that anytime I see a flick, I will take it. And burn it
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anything with an SS. Why not just give the disc a new name instead of taking a mold that wasn't well received in testing, and in an effort to push sales, piggyback on the name of an actual solid mold.

Nuke SS
Buzzz SS
Banana Hammock SS
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