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I think the Roc has to be it for me. Could probably shoot just as good if not better with 3 rocs and 2 putters then I do with drivers
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Flat GL Core. All of the guys I throw with wonder why I ever throw another disc. It just seems to have tree avoidance built into the disc.
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Originally Posted by Bennybennybenny View Post
What is your favorite disc to throw? Why is it so special to you? I will start off and say that my favorite disc to throw is my Pro Starfire along with the XD and the Champion King Cobra!
Gotta love the XD!

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I'm a big fan of my GL River, GL Fuse, and Neutron Ion

The Ion is my favorite. Stepped up to a hole the first time bagging it and told my buddy that I was going to put it right in the basket. Boom ACE!
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Buzzz is the only disc that has stayed in my bag forever. Can't give much credit to anything else...but I will say the Escape is my current favorite disc.
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Perhaps my problem is that I don't have one... my beat DX Teebird had that place for a long time. So did my Destroyer, Sidewinder, and Dart.

At the moment, maybe my Voodoo... that putter has been money.
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4x valk
Kc pro gazelle
X and ESP comet
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The Z Comet had it's time there, where I couldn't deny it was the most likely to succeed. Almost as if throwing it guaranteed good form. Coincidentally I too am now favoring a F2 Star Tee Bird. That and my 4S Wizard. I've been practicing to the new Schusterick video with my Wizards. ESP Buzz gets an honorable mention.
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I have a few favorites, some of which unfortunately do not get thrown much because I do not want to lose them.

Seasoned dyed Star TeeBird. 9 out of 10 times does it not only do what I want it to do, but it does it beyond what I would ever expect out of it. The problem is always that 1 out of 10 times might be the one time I lose it for good. It already has two aces on it, so it gets a well-deserved spot on the wall. I have been trying to season other TeeBirds to act like this one, but so far I have been unsuccessful.

Dyed Second Run Ion. One ace but never a really good putter. I just never could part with it.

Dyed Star San Marino Roc. Almost the same dye as the Ion. It also has one ace on it. It was a fantastic driving mid in the forest and second-to-none when making approaches in the open field. Like the TeeBird, I have yet to find a replacement, whether it being another San Marino beaten in or something else like Ranchos, Ghosts, or Roc3s. Currently I am working with M3s to see if they can get close.

I have two dyed (see a theme) Champion Leopards that are quickly growing on me. The one with the star dye had two practice aces on it on the same hole on the same day. (I define a practice ace as throwing 4 or 5 discs on each hole; in this case I played multiple rounds and aced with the Leopard during the first and third round).
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Depends on the course. Some course let you open up and toss, then I am liking my mystery box VIP King. Some courses are tight and long. For that I am grooving on my GL Saint, man this disc does what you tell it. Thanks to DD for letting me experience some new plastic.
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