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Question Wanting to learn to throw backhand- need a few disc recommendations

I have been playing disc golf for a few years but have never learned to throw backhand as my first shot (Tried it a couple times but found forehand easier). However, I am determined to learn and I would like to hear what discs you recommend I buy. My research suggested that I need something with "lower speed" and "understable." The Avenger SS was brought up a few times, so I'm considering that disc. I own a Valkyrie and a Hatchet and all of my other drivers are speed 10 or greater (So I assume, I should hold off on throwing those?). I would like three discs- one for throwing straight, one that fades to the left, and one that fades to the right.

My other question is I'm debating on what mid ranges to carry. I have a Roc, Roc3, Shark, Buzzz, and M4

Thanks for your help
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FD for a straight to slightly OS fairway driver
Saint for a slightly OS driver

Note that if you are just learning a backhand, both of those will be more OS initially but as you progress and they beat in some, they will straighten out. Don't get them too heavy; I'm older and don't have a huge arm so I bag both in the mid 160g range. You are probably younger but that advantage is offest by your being less experienced with backhand, so my recommendation seems valid.

For mids, I love the Roc3 but I bag several mids in addition to it, including a couple of Comets in different plastics. It's my favorite mid. Very versatile and gives you great feedback on things you are doing wrong form-wise.

Good luck!
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Welcome to the forums.

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There's a big benefit to learning what you have, and you already have some good ones. Learning those midranges sounds like a good place to start learning backhand. You don't have a real good "right turning" midrange in that lineup, so you might give a Comet or Tursas or Fuse a shot.

The Valkyrie and Hatchet are both decent beginner drivers, though even speed 9 will be a bit fast at first. I'm sure you already know this, but the type of plastic is almost as important as the mold. There's a world of difference between DX Valkyries or Champion/Star Valks.

In addition to working with the mids you already have, you might just start with "fairways" in the speed 6-8 range. Some classics are the Leopard and Teebird. A DX Leopard is probably worth getting for that "right turning" disc you mentioned, and a DX Teebird would be decent for the straight shot. As you're learning, there will be more variation from throw to throw than disc to disc, so even two is decent. Learn to control the angles, then either the Leopard or Teebird can be your straight disc, while the Leopard will do better turning right and the Teebird will do better fading left.

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Work on your backhand technique with the midranges you have.

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Been playing almost 20 years now and exclusively did forehand drives the whole time. A shoulder problem made me switch to backhand drives for the first time a few months ago. I feel like a beginner again, but I'm up to 300-350' drives at this point with Pro and DX Valkyries. Teebirds and Eagles are working well too. YMMV.
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