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Default I don't understand Disc Golf Par

I’ve only been playing for about three weeks, but I am already very frustrated with Par. I don’t understand it. I come from a ball golf background, and Par was supposed to be something hard to get. Holes are designed to make pars only obtainable if you played the hole correctly, and birdies are only possible if you make a great shot.

Right now I am terrible at disc golf. Most 350’ holes with a lot of trees I play are listed as a par 4. My drive will go way off course, hitting a tree and slamming to the ground only 150’ from the tee box. With the hole now 200’ away, I think I should reach it, but my next shot will again hit a tree and bounce away from where I was throwing and I’ll be lucky to be within 100’ of the hole. My third shot should have a legit shot at the pin, but I am usually 15 to 20’ long or short or off to one side. As bad as I am, a 15-20’ put is almost a gimme and I collect a par on the hole without making one good shot. In fact, I put together 3 horrible shots and one put that 90% of players would make.

You can argue and tell me that I should then play the pro pars. I know I am not a pro, but even if I played every hole as a par 3, I would still probably finish 9 holes on most of the courses I play at only +3 or +4, since they already have a lot of par 3’s. I did play a tough course in Joliet and got +14 on 18 holes, but I got that with 4 double bogeys and 2 triples on holes where if you make a mistake off the tee, you are in for a wild ride. The other 12 holes I got par.

When I look at videos of tournaments I see scores of -50+ for the leader.

So why can’t designers make holes where par is difficult to get? I understand that most courses are installed into city parks by people who don’t know what they are doing, but there are a lot of cheap ball golf courses out there too, and they still know how to make you earn par. The only consistent way I’ve seen to make par hard to get is by putting a hole in dense trees, but by reading most of the discussions on this board, throwing successfully through trees is as much about luck as it is skill.

Is this something that is just inherent in the sport? Is there a desire to make new players feel good about themselves by getting par so they keep playing?
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I wouldn't get hung up on par. In the end the person with the fewest shots wins.
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Don't sweat it. Disc golf and ball golf are two different sports and if you try to compare one to the other you'll wind up in a straitjacket, drooling all over yourself.

Best advice - not necessarily from me, but from those who are actually good at this - is (1) work on form, (2) work on distance, but above all, (0) have fun.

And don't sweat par, man - it'll take the wind out of your sails pronto.
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You make too much sense......I am thinking Olorin has created a new handle.

You can read Olorin's work ("Close Range Par") here as it makes the most intuitive sense (to understand and implement) of any standard proposed.
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Just play everything like I do, as a par 3. You'll only strive to get better.
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Originally Posted by zenbot View Post
I wouldn't get hung up on par. In the end the person with the fewest shots wins.
Exactly, I have never ever looked at a hole sign for it's par, I could care less what it is, at the end of the round, the person with the least amount of strokes wins.

Sure, it looks cool to be sitting at -20 due to getting 2s and 3s on 400 ft. par 5s but it only matters when you tally up the final score.

When people ask me what I shot, I never use terms like 5 under or 1 over, etc. I give the actual number. I shot a 47 or whatever.
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Since you're new here, I'll point out that you can search for threads about par and having enough reading material to get you through the winter.

It may help you to understand by contrasting "putting" and "the green" in disc golf and ball golf. Disc golf pars are often set to give you two chances to putt from the green, which is often construed as the 10-meter circle. If you can reach the 10-meter circle for the tee, it's a par-3; if it takes two throws to reach it, it's a par-4. BUT, putting is much, much easier in disc golf than par golf. If you average two throws everytime you get within 10 meters, you're probably kicking yourself.

Olorin's essays offer a better way. As do some competing ideas published by others. But there's no universally accepted and applied system, so what you see on signs and scorecards can vary greatly from course to course.

Relaxing and not being too concerned about "par" helps, too.
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Originally Posted by zenbot View Post
I wouldn't get hung up on par. In the end the person with the fewest shots wins.
I don't know why more people don't get this. "What is par" threads are pointless in my opinion (not ragging on the OP by any means...I'm thinking about the ones where its a big ass debate). I'm in the same boat as you Zen. I don't think twice about posted par. I play all par threes. The only reason I do that is because its easier to remember and tally my total if I'm adding/subtracting a low number from 54 rather than keeping a running total the whole way.
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Many many courses were installed when discs were much slower meaning there are going to be shorter holes that are reachable by more beginners with faster discs. Also, a par 4 on a 350' hole is probably the beginner par not the normal par score for the hole. 350' hole should probably play as a par 3. That's not the pro par, that is a par 3 hole for all players, AM or PRO in a tournament.

As for most of your other questions. NO.
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Play a real course. Come to Pittsburgh and you will get all the nonpars you want. I have yet to shoot par from the middle tees at Deer Lakes or Moraine.
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