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Default How to build a bag?

Ok, so I've been working on getting different types of disc that cover all the shots I what and give myself options on the course. My question is what is the list of stuff one should get to build a solid bag.

My thinking right now is 3 max drivers, 3 fairway drivers, 3 mids, and 3 putters. Then get something in each group that goes, overstable, stable, and understable. I've then made sure I've one of those drivers is a good rollers disc and one of the fairway is a good thumber. I also think it really good to have a disc in your bag like a D4 that you can turn over easy but has a decent amount of fade to come back so you can "s" shape some shots.

Right now my bag is:

Max Drivers:

Avenger - Overstable-Stable
D4 - Understable but has a good fade
Avenger SS - Understable/Roller

I don't have a really overstable distance driver in my bag because the Avenger works great in the wind and anything I want more left fade for I put a little hyzer on it. Plus really overstable stuff is hard for me to throw.

Fairway Drivers:

Teebird - Overstable
Stalker - Overstable-Stable
River - Stable - Understable


Pain or Roc - Overstable (can't decide)
Buzzz - Stable-Overstable
Fuse - Stable-Understable (This disc is beyond awesome FYI)


Wizard - Overstable-Stable (driving and upshots)
SSS Voodoo - Stable (Spin putting outside the circle)
Med. Anode - Understable (Push Putting inside the circle)

What am I missing and is my understanding of how to setup a good bag not that way to go about it?
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Without knowing your distances it's hard to say for sure what you should be throwing, but your general idea is right, though I prefer carrying multiples of the same mold instead of 3 different molds. It mostly comes down to picking the right discs for your play style and the shots the courses you play demand.

I won't comment on distance drivers since I don't personally know those molds. However (I know everyone says this) if you aren't getting them out a reasonable distance (definitely over 350, hopefully closer to 375/400) then you might benefit more from learning to throw your teebirds (which is how I learned at least).

For Fairways, I'd drop the stalker since you should be able to cover the same shot with the teebird/buzzz. Instead, you can carry a second teebird and beat one in to make it fly straight (DX will obviously accomplish this fastest, I just carry a beat to crap 12x). Otherwise Teebird+River is a nice fairway setup.

For overstable I'd recommend a Banshee or Firebird depending on your arm speed. Both are great headwind drivers and work well for overhands/flicks.

I like your midrange setup and it's very similar to my own. Putting is obviously more to personal taste, so if that setup works for you then great. I only carry wizards for actual putting. I carry a Zone that I use off the tee and for overstable approaches.
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Looking at your bag I'd agree you'll want an OS disc like Banshee/Pred/FB/XXX for really strong headwinds that could knock around the avenger, max d OH shots, skip shots etc.

As for how to build a bag, here is how I do mine.

Pick a core set of discs at various speed ranges that you can consistently make fly relatively straight in mild weather.

For me that is currently Ion/Axis/Volt/Quasar(Seasoned a little)

Then I add in whatever utility discs I feel I need.

I have two Tangents and a Vector to give me more understable and overstable approaches and drives, a XXX for various OS lines FH and BH and utility, Amp for hyzerflip and turnovers, Shock as a moderstely overstable workhorse driver to bridge the gap between Volt and XXX.

I am also considering adding a Zone for something with less glide and distance than the other short range discs in my bag. I was throwing a D4 but swapped it for my beat Quasar which is a hair shorter and less grippy but more consistent for me.
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