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Old 07-03-2013, 11:25 PM
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Default Looking To Add Some Legacy To My Life

The more I hear about these guys the more I want to try their discs. I'm looking for a bit of a rundown of their disc. Here we go.

I know very little about their putters. The Judge has been working extremely well so I'm not replacing it. Does Legacy have a compliment?

I'm not a Roc guy, but I'm willing to try the Ghost. I do love my Comets and I know the molds pair well. Might try one in base plastic. How does their base plastic compare to others, ie DX, Zero Hard, etc?

Their fairways get the most of my attention. Rival seems Teebird like and the Patriot kinda like a more stable Amp. Am I way off? What, if any, does plastic selection, weight, etc play in flights? My fairways are mostly Teebirds, Shock, Amp, and DX Leo. 300-350' with the Teebirds. I'm not as much looking to replace as compliment and compare.

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Old 07-03-2013, 11:54 PM
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The patriot, for me, is a slightly less stable rival. It will hyzerflip to flat and maybe drift off to the right when thrown with some power. Not really comparable to the amp at all.

My flat pinnacle rivals are the most stable- straight with fade. (new teebird)
Domey pinnacle rivals- straight with no fade, maybe a bit of turn.
Sparkle and Legend rivals = straight, no turn unless into a bit of a headwind. (teebird thats lost a good deal of lss)
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Alright, let's get this started. I will just give you my impression of each of their discs that is out currently and maybe some plastic talk.

Clutch - This is basically a magnet. It looks and feels very similar. I have yet to actually throw a non-beat up magnet, but fresh off the rack a Clutch is actually very nice to drive with. I think the flight number (for me) would be.... 2/3/0/1 or something like that.

Clozer- This is beaded and shallower. I am not sure what to compare it to, maybe a Judge would be fair. It is a bit more stable.

Ghost - I have heard somewhere that this is an 8x Roc. It felt like a Roc and flew like a Roc for me. It is a hair "deeper" I think. I had three, one in every plastic and it was a good time for my mid game.

Rival- This is similar to a Teebird. It feels a little different in the hand, but it is the same speed. I found that it is overall a little straighter than the Bird. I can put a lot behind a disc and Teebirds go straight for me, but this is just easier.

Patriot- This will do pretty much whatever you want it to. It is very similar the what I would have a Leopard for. It will flip if you put enough behind it, but if you give it some height, it will reward you with a long glide and a wee bit of resistance at the end.

Icon plastic - This is like Star plastic. The Ghost I had was a little stiffer than some star plastic.
Excel- I think this is the DX/Pro D. Very grippy. Great for putters and mids.
Gravity- a flexy grippy plastic. It isnt super durable but it beats in slow enough to season it well.
Pinnacle- This stuff is awesome. I don't know a comparison.

Let me know if I left something out. I just finished a Legacy stint and am trying out new plastic for the heck of it.
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Old 07-04-2013, 12:12 AM
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Do you like Teebirds?

The rival in legend plastic is almost an exact flight replica of an 11x CAL bird.
The first run icon is a flat top, firm star teebird.

Both are dangerously nice discs.
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Old 07-04-2013, 12:15 AM
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I reccomend starting with a Patriot. I didn't really care for the Rival (I'm too attached to Teebirds I guess) and the Ghost is just a Roc,more or less, but the Patriot is money. It flies like a Leopard, but feels way better in the hand, at least for me.

I haven't tried their putters or distance drivers, but I can tell you the Ghost is a great mid if you need something a little OS, same with the Rival, and the Patriot is perfection.
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I've been enjoying the cannon. i don't have a huge arm; 390-400 on a perfect rip tops, and the cannon lands pretty much directly in front of me. i've got it in pinnacle plastic; feels wonderful. almost tacky.

i don't have much to compare it to. : / sorry.
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Old 07-04-2013, 12:45 AM
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I have a dark blue pinnacle cannon. I have kind of a big arm and for me it makes a nice s curve when I throw it on the courts and lands pretty much 400 feet directly in front of me. if I do a turnaround drive it gos 425-450 and lands about 75 feet to the right. The plastic feels about as grippy as my prodigy drivers.
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Old 07-04-2013, 01:16 AM
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The patriot and rival along with the ghost is where to start. Both the rival and patriot can cover from neutral to their respected stabilities. the rival feels like a teebird eagle mix, and the patriot makes me not want to throw a leopard. It's possibly the best feeling disc in the bag and has a do anything flight. The ghost is very roc like, and the excels are fine, but avoid lighter weights. They seem to get flippy in the 160's but 175 to 180 is a good range for this mid.
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Thanks to all. Keep it coming.

I rarely throw anything faster then fairways. Most of the courses in the area are tight with only a handful of holes they would really shine on. If I'm honest with myself I'm not there yet.
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I do not have a big arm (injury, among other reason), but I still carry, and love, my Cannon. I get cheap and easy distance using my 167 Icon Cannon, but only use it on wide open or long downhill holes. You can tell from my sig that I don't really drink the high speed cool-aid, but I'm not good enough to pass up an immediate distance bump. The light Icons are gummy and tacky to the point of being sticky. They also dye really, really well. (Blanks from Lion, dyes by Goose)

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