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DD had them up last night, and they still have all the weights/colors this morning.

Looks like the Missilen has missed its mark. Just joking, I know this disc will have a limited user base.

I know I cant throw this disc, but getting one of the first run (or is it only a 1000 run ever?) of 1000 might sway my decision.
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Linus Astrom used to be the biggest bomber on their team. Dunno now.

If he's still there, he'd be the best tester.
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Originally Posted by discgolferlee View Post
looks like a ching or quest project LOL
...except the project is being conducted by a company with a highly professional business model and much better results...
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Held one today, felt super funky especially if you did not put your thumb on the dimpleless areas. Not for me.
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I can see some benefit of higher wind resistance and less glide (if less glide is a normal result). Something like a Trident or XXX for added wind cutting. Might also reduce sidewind effect? I'd like to see a Saint Pro with it, then we could see how it effects the disc exactly.
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My question is how do these throw overhand? That's where I would imagine the dimples having the most effect. I ain't no mathmagician though.
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Can we stop with the "speed" numbers. I've seen 13, 14 and 15 for the same rim width.
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The question about whether some glide or lift would be sacrificed with the lesser wind resistance is answered for us I think by the lack of this geometry on airplane wings or other aerospace tech. A lot of brilliant minds working on those designs, and I've never seen a wing with a hex pattern on it. And an airplane wing and helicopter blade are much more similar to a DG disc than a golf ball is.
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Well my buddy Steve ordered a Deco Dye and an Opto, and dude has a straight up cannon for an arm. Killer sidearm and overhands, too. We'll see how he throws them. I am interested, but would never use it myself.
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Picked one up today and threw it almost exclusively forehand. Limited throws, keep that in mind for this review.

I was able to hit my line and spot every time, something I have trouble with throwing most other discs forehand. Of course I am just learning the disc, so I am not going full power into it on top of that its overstability likely masked some form flaws. Regardless, it always hit the initial line I was looking for. It was fast and glidey and usually broke into its fade at a predictable time.

Still, it is a little too overstable for my usage. Maybe after it breaks in a little. For right now my Sword is a better forehand choice for me.

Another thing I noticed is that it does not take much in the way of dirt and mud to clog the hexes and make it impossible to clean. I am concerned that if mud and whatnot become packed in the hexes, will that not simply negate the positive effect of having those hexes there in the first place? The only way I got it cleaned when I got home was to acetone it out. Regular water and a paper towel was not good enough. I would hate to have an open field, grass-only driver.
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