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Default What mids do you bag?

Wondering how many molds y'all use for mid range discs. One stable/understable and one or two over stable? I rewatched Climo's in the bag video and noticed he only uses Rocs that are at different stages of wear.

I use a Shark3, Mako3, and Claymore (just got a Core so I might be using that more, but it is very similar to the Claymore). I feel like I already use too many molds and I was wondering if anyone uses just one or two molds for their mid range discs.
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One Buzzz OS, four Rocs and two Suspects. Suspects are kind of a tweener but they are more mid than putter for sure.

Buzzz OS is for wind and big hyzers. Also pretty skippy.
Then I have a USDGC Rancho as my OS Roc, a fresh Roc3 as my slightly OS Roc, a flat top DX as my straight Roc and a beat McPro Roc3 as my turnover Roc.

I have a Lucid Suspect for OS shots shorter than my BOS. My Fuzion Suspect is my short line shaper.
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kc rocs and x comets. amazing.

maybe someday i'll have enough seasoned/beat rocs to cover my comet shots, but that's a long ways away. i can see it happening fairly easily over time as long as i don't lose or break them.

even when that day comes i don't know if i'll want to give up my comets. i'm pretty brutal with how i break in my rocs. lots of woods play. i hear that discs which are worked in slowly over time season in the true sense of the word, whereas discs which experience frequent blunt trauma are more just "beaten up" and become more "turn-y".

i'd go back to dx rocs but for some reason i lose them all the time. i have only ever lost one kc pro, and it was more like a dx. so i'm staying away from dx rocs for now, otherwise i may not even have gone back to the comet. i'm glad i did.
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X Stratus
150 Z Storm

Overlap? Admittedly, but there are situations where I definitely have a preference for one over the other.
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(1) M2 400
(1) M2 300
(1) M4 300 right now, 750 when it warms back up
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Champ Roc3 goes left.
Flat Top DX Roc goes straight.
Opto Fuse goes right.

FLX Drone or Champ Gator pops in and out of the bag on really windy days.
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The Comet is the only true mid I use. My other "mids" are the Zone and Resistor. The Resistor is really a speed 6/7 driver but it powers down really well to take the place of a faster OS mid.
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1-dx bottom stamped roc turnover shot galore
1-champion roc3 straight longer shot
1-g* roc3 slight turn with the fade back
1-11x kc pro roc straight shot with slight fade back
1-12x kc pro roc (beat) utility mid, holds any line
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I'm in NC so always play wooded courses. I use mainly mids for all holes.

4 claymores, various wear
3 truths, various weight
Ching snipper
F5, F7, (F1 forehand)
starting to get in to rocs, flat tops even more
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2 Z Wasps (1 174g beat, 1 180g new and pearly)
1 Champ Mako3 (180g workhorse mid)
2 ESP Comets (both max weight, one beat and flippy, one new and straight)
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