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Default Pickleball on CBS Sports Network?

I enjoy watching all sports on television. Pickleball seems awesome in its entirety. I'm completely fine with the fact that pickleball is getting national coverage.

I just have one question, why is it that sports like pickleball can get national coverage before disc golf. It's central organization USAPA has 200,000 members, making it more than double the size of the PDGA. It has an es5imate of 8 million players by 2018. I have also seen sports such as darts on tv. As I said before, perfectly fine, but why no disc golf. It's obviously not that they won't show it on TV, it's that they don't.
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I saw the beginning of this too. WTF? They said it's the fastest growing sport in the US, but for people over 50. Apparently big in retirement locales. But it got on TV!!!
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Ha ha, I just saw it too.
Since the court is 20' by 44' it is probably pretty easy to "cover" with 2 or 3 cameras. Not so with disc golf.

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Sport for baby boomers who have money and spend more time watching TV than Millennials. Good enough reason to advertise?

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I think you answered your question as you were writing it.

Oh yeah, and this

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It's the name, gotta be.

I propose disc golf change its name to Pickle Frolf and bring back Quest AT to make wiffle discs.
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Older sport, high paced action, easy camera work, solid reputation and enough similarities to most racquet sports, that I imagine the crossover interest is high. Just a some low hanging fruit of the reason tree.
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Originally Posted by glassila View Post
Ha ha, I just saw it too.
Since the court is 20' by 44' it is probably pretty easy to "cover" with 2 or 3 cameras. Not so with disc golf.
It is this. Period. Disc golf is expensive to cover properly. A contained event like pickleball, relatively speaking, is not.

I'd also bet that some entity involved with pickleball paid for that broadcast. Paid to have it filmed, paid to edit it, found their own sponsorship to pay for the air time. CBS didn't send their cameras and crew to the event and cover the expenses because they knew they'd make it up on the back-end (through ads). They do that with MLB or NFL because they're proven moneymakers, not with a fringe sport. Up and coming and growing fast though it may be, it's still a fringe sport with a limited market.

Disc golf can do what they did. Nobody in the game has decided to front that kind of money though. Closest we've come is the ADGT and the European Open, and neither of them tried to cover an entire round, due entirely to the cost involved.

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I don't know about Period, but the cost and difficulty of covering the entire course is definitely a factor, probably the first and most important.

Disc golfers see these other events on TV and think, Why not us?, failing to notice all of the differences between those sports and ours. Particularly as relates to entertaining the general public.

A round of disc golf takes about 4 hours, and a tournament, all weekend long. That's a big chunk of time to buy.

Disc golf isn't terribly exciting. Oh, there could be a dramatic finish, but it's not action-packed. There's not a wow-factor or element of danger to catch a non-player's eyes, like some things that get on TV.

Nor is it easy to convey personal drama, the way you can in an event that happens in to small, closed-in area. Some mock televised poker, but that drama is what they're covering, not the cards.
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Originally Posted by @iDiscGolf View Post
I think you answered your question as you were writing it.

Oh yeah, and this


Had to read OP twice to make sure I didn't miss something. Acted perplexed as to why it was on TV over DG, and then provided 3 reasons why in the very next sentence.

Also, Pickleball is about the greatest name for a sport, EVER.
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