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This is easy for me, as I am the BirdieMachine. I play casual 100 percent so I play very aggressive and run Aces, Upshots and try and make hard hole birdies. If it's a 620 par 4 through the trees I'll try and 3 it everytime. I enjoy playing aggressive and hitting the hard shots. I rarely play the smart shot, I like to take on risk.
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in practice I try to hit any line I can see or imagine. It's practice after all. And I like trying crazy ****.

In tournaments I go for the high percentage shot most of the time. Unless it's close to over and I need to catch up.
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Originally Posted by Smigles View Post
in practice I try to hit any line I can see or imagine. It's practice after all. And I like trying crazy ****.

In tournaments I go for the high percentage shot most of the time. Unless it's close to over and I need to catch up.
This^^ is me exactly.

When it is nearing the end of a tournament, I like to know what I can and can't do, so taking the crazy lines during casual rounds lets me know what is possible should I feel I have to make that shot later.
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i like to try new things during casual rounds and stick with it during my leagues. practicing how i play and playing how i practice is exactly what i do, though lately i've been chickening out on my putts and hitting the basket instead of chains.

i know it seems silly; haven't been in a real tournament but anytime i'm up against other people in an event i go into game-time mode. my money is on the line; doesn't matter how much, and there is money to be taken from other people.

i focus on making every single shot i know i can make. of course i screw up, but if i KNOW that i can't make it, i don't go for it. i'll find another way to put myself in an advantageous position, and then i'll go practice the shot that would have been better. i've been practicing rollers for my approach shots lately and it has seriously paid off.

case in point, had a good drive at a local league on sunday. made it to within 80 feet of the pin; so close, but so far - bunch of tree trunks in my way and i don't trust myself to try to weave in between them because even though the drive was good, i'm on the edge of the ****. we're in the woods, and i don't want to do something stupid.

so i lay down a roller on the ground and forget about it. curled right behind the pin. easy par. and that's the nice thing about little OH rollers - they're so easy to throw with both hands to get around stuff and make up strokes.

and i'm always playing against other people, never my own score. other people and the course itself. if you're playing against yourself, but you're not the top of your field, what good is it? that's just my own take. i will, however, play round after round until i score to my satisfaction if i am not throwing well. competition helps get me in focus. i expect par; i play for birdies even though i may not be that great yet. playing smart isn't always playing it safe.

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If I'm by myself then I play pretty relaxed and try new things... If I'm playing with others I will tend to play safe in order to win. If I'm playing in a tournament then it's par golf all the way. I try to keep myself from putting and make really solid upshots.
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I practice two different ways. Most of my casual practice rounds are run for everything, high risk shots. There are other times, maybe 1-2 of every casual round where I like to see how I am doing as a player and play smart. I mark my shots and take my time. I only do it once and a while because I have more fun running things than laying up. During tournament it's all about playing smart for me. Layup when I have to and run it when there is no dangers.
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Originally Posted by Disc Fiend View Post
I play for par, and try to cash in on birdies when the opportunity arises.
This is the simplistic version of what I think, but the essence of it as well.

I know I have the ability to get par from anywhere on the hole as long as I make that first point, turn, aiming spot, whatever with my opening drive. Because of this confidence I know that I can be a little more aggressive off the tee as long as I again hit that initial spot.

With this approach I know that I will have birdie opportunities, so that also means that I do not have to play overly aggressive because I will always be near par. I will minimize my damage (bogeys, etc) and just let others be more aggressive. It usually does not translate into wins for me, but I am always competitive.

On easy courses, I can usually hover around -2 to -6 depending on how easy they are, but on difficult courses, I can trust that I will at least be sitting no worse than around +2 to +4 unless it was an especially brutal day.

Basically, it is all about trust in my game, sticking to it, and just getting it done.
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