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I kind of feel like mandos are a hold-over from DG's earlier days. Mandos make a lot of sense in the context of safari golf or an object course, but in the case of a modern, well-designed, and permanent disc golf couse they just seem grossly out of place.
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Bowling Green Technical College I thought had a lot of unnecessary mandos but what you gonna do.
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Originally Posted by DiscNutt123 View Post
I feel like 90% of mandos are there because lefties are mad they can't take that beautiful hyzer shot. Doesn't it seem like most mandos force you to the left side of a tree/etc...? /rant
out of the few courses I've played with mandos, some are to prevent people from getting their discs into private yards, others are exactly the opposite of the above, making people take ridiculous RHBH hyzer when there is a perfectly good RHFH shot or anhyzer shot.

Lately I've noticed that the courses near here have actually started catering to RHBH shots to the extent where they have made new pin placements. I think players should try and learn both throwing styles and not have the course cater more shots to people that can only throw one way. Seems to take the challenge out.
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Mandos are often lame and pointless. For instance, that force a certain shot "just cause" are lame. Also, mandos that force you to take the preferred route that 99% of players are aiming for anyway, are pointless.

I have no problem with mando's if:
-they are there for safety reasons
-they keep you off of other fairways or closed areas of the park
-they take advantage of a unique course feature, like a faux island green
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I tend not to like them if they are unnecessary. However I have ran/played a "Mandomonium" round with added mandos to every hole. It was pretty fun. I used red and yellow tape. Stay right of red and left of yellow.

"Made the mando" was said a lot.

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Originally Posted by horsmanm View Post
Bowling Green Technical College I thought had a lot of unnecessary mandos but what you gonna do.
That's exactly the course I'm talking about in the OP.
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I've only played a handful of courses with permanent mandos, one in particular comes to mind for being stupid. It was completely against safety, you had to squeeze it left of a pole, but a little to the right was a tennis court, at the edge of the tennis court, there was a right dog leg. If you threw high and right it was ending up in the fenced in tennis court. If you threw it straight but tried getting it to turn after the fence you were going way far past the line, since it was such a sharp dogleg. The only decent throw I saw that day was a thumber over the corner of the fence, that still hit the fence but bounced into the fairway.
Sometimes mandos are a good thing. There used to be a 10 hole course close by that we would play twice for non sanctioned events and the second time through there was a mando on a couple of holes to make give the course a different feel.
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Cornerstone University #9, wide open field shot, mando is NOT the light pole you can see in the picture, but a five foot post sticking out of the ground to the right of the light pole aweful mando.

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Mando's for safety reasons can be useful, but the reality is a very small percentage of people actually know what a mando even is. The intention is good for these to be up for safety precautions, but good design trumps ever having to use them IMO, Unless you use gimicky ones for tourneys or leagues (some of which could actually be fun)
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Hole one mando to keep players from throwing over the parking lot (Property safety).

Hole two mando to keep players from blind spike hyzers into hole one fairway (player safety).

Hole 12 double mando to keep players from cutting a stright route to the hole (started happening the week the baskets were put in) - if left alone the hole will end up stright 250 feet rather than hard turn 300 feet. A case where players should not go cut a route due to not having the shot designed for the hole - if you want just RHBH go play White Park

Hole 14 Double mando to keep players out of the parking lot (property protection).

I expect that is the six (or 4 holes) you were talking about.
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