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The first part of your post is doable on most any course,and having a good drawing / photo of the hole with features marked is also preferred, but short of having a flyover video of each hole playing at the tee sign, knowing how far the basket is from OB or what the ridgeline is doing, or if there is a squirrel on the fairway next to a certain tree is accomplished by the old fashioned way both Disc and Ball golfers have been using for years which is to WALK the course and take notes if it is your first time playing it. It's not my job as a designer to list 100 things on each sign about each of the multiple pin positions - so you don't have to use your own eyes.

Just my opinion.
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I'm of two minds on the issue of distance markers on the fairway. The side of me against them worries about causing problems for lawn mowers in the park, and wonders if they really are helpful at distances under 100 yards (300'). Inside 100 yards, most people should be able to develop a skill for eyeballing distances and "feel" the throwing line needed with their eye-hand coordination. I get more out of looking at the basket and feeling the distance instinctively than I get out of knowing I'm 170 feet from the basket. The fact that traditional golf courses don't have 50 yard markers supports this opinion.

The side of me in favor of distance markers says "hey, if the customer wants it, and it's not any trouble to install, nor going to cause any problems in the park, go ahead and do it."

So although I doubt it is useful, that's my perspective, and if enough people want it, it's worth giving it a try to see if people end up liking it. Just don't make it a priority over the standard features, and keep in mind that too much information will clutter the course and will confuse people more than it helps them.
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I would be for this on the longer holes(400'+). Maybe a 200' stake to the basket(s).Too many stakes would be confusing.
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It is very useful on holes where the basket can't be seen due to some geographic feature.

Hole 10 at Camp Fortune here in Ottawa is 600+ downhill. The hole goes downhill, then has a long plateau and then goes downhill again. Most drives land on the plateau and you can't see the basket. The distance markers help out in gauging the power needed for the next shot
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does anyone in the st.louis area know any courses with these distance markers?
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Default Footage markers...

In 2004 we planted footage markers in the center of many of our longer fairways to help players have an idea of how far they were from the targets and / or how far they had thrown their tee shots. Feedback was varied from loved the idea to did not like the distraction and the occasional 'disc'traction from a hit marker. I used them very effectively to help train Nancy Norton, taking her from a rookie player to the SCDGO state champion is fourteen months. Of course, she worked her fanny off doing the drills etc.
On more recent course designs, I've used simple colored material tied to trees at certain useful locations along some fairways. The color can blend in to the surroundings, but still be noticeable enough for any players who purposefully looks for them. Just a thought...Shade, Trophy Lakes, SC
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I think it's at Brent Baca in Albuquerque. They've got a long dogleg right that is a dogleg by design but has no natural features blocking the turn. So they put in big tall posts down the right side until the turn comes in. The posts are distance markers spaced evenly apart as well as a barrier to create the dogleg hole. Adds a neat feature to an otherwise flat hole.
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We have distance markers at one of the local courses nearby (Bud Pell, Silverdale, WA). I like them, i'm pretty good at gauging distances under about 150', but they're still pretty helpful. We use red(100'), white(200'), blue(300'), and yellow(400')
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I like the idea of color coordinating the distances!
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