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Great BroDave!
@ Turner Another example - Imagine balancing a quarter on a pin. If you want it to spin flat you must flick your finger on the same plane as the quarter. If you try a flick it to spin it but you raise or lower your finger some the quarter begins to "wobble". This is because the pin is no longer centered in the middle of the coin, thus causing erratic behavior.
When you go to throw your "super stable speed 4 midrange" disc, and you have you shoulders aligned perfectly perpendicular to the ground and you extend your arm flat across your chest then you throw and it goes right or left...you re-created the above scenario, you "rolled your wrist".
Try one of the wrist braces that bowlers use and try and turnover a disc!
Hope that helps!
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Crazypep! Best example I've heard on off axis torque! Guys thanks for the insight. I'm sure I will be posting soon after more field practice.
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Originally Posted by garublador View Post
If they were to throw a slower disc like that it would most likely flip and turn into a cut roller. The result you get are players who can only either throw really fast discs sorta far (350' max) but with little control and they are unable to get slower fairway drivers, mids and putters to do anything but flip.
By the way, this sounds exactly like me, especially on drives. This post was very informative because between it and some Reddit/Google+ users, I was able to figure out my form is fundamentally f&#ked because of wrist roll. I've only been out twice since, practicing to correct it, but basically this sums up my driving:


Max I can crank out to is like... 375? But that's throwing pretty overstable stuff. As I watch in 0.5x speed in HD I can see that I consistently release anhyzer, if slightly, and I'm pretty sure I was palm-upping as well during the follow through.

Anyhow, hats off for a well written, textbook reference post!
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Abandoning drivers completely can hurt you b/c mids and putters aren't as nose angle sensitive. Throwing nose down is vital and drivers punish you best for not doing that.

Roll over/under is pretty simple to visualize. Imagine a perfectly flat throw on flat ground where your arm is more or less at 90 with your body for the whole throw. Now, on a perfectly flat throw you want your wrist to be parallel with the ground from the right pec to the follow through. If your wrist turns palm up, facing the sky during the throw and especially the follow through, you rolled your wrist over. If your wrist turns palm down, palm facing the ground during the throw then you rolled your wrist under.
I think I get this but should the alm look on a hyzer or anhyzer?
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