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Originally Posted by Bronze View Post
Just thought I'd let everyone know that I received a call from a local pawn shop on Wednesday afternoon, letting me know that someone had come in with my bag to sell. I had described it to the owner on Monday and low and behold, it walks in a couple days later! The kid who had it wanted to sell it for 10 bucks! The owner grabbed the bag and told the guy that the bag is stolen and if he wants 10 bucks, he would have to work it out with the police. Hahah, yes!!! All discs accounted for, personal stuff all gone but it's back baby!

Thanks to all of you who gave me words of advice and offers for replacement discs, it means a lot, thank you. Kyle, thanks for all you did as well, I really appreciate it. A special thanks to my buddy Marcos, he gave me his old bag full of new and used discs to keep me going. Appreciate it carn! Golf on!!

Right on! Glad you got your gear back, A.J. Hope the kid who stole them got hemmed up by the fuzz.

However, the only real justice would've been for them to tie the kid to a fence and let you huck your max weight Destroyers at him for 30 minutes from 10 feet away.
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It would have been nice to see AJ catch the dude. AJ is a former USC Trojan defensive end and we call him "Big Bear". I'm sure he would have been cowering in fear!!
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Excellent news. Do something nice for the Pawn Shop owner that helped you out.
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Just saw this thread. I had a socket set stolen out of my truck once so I know the feeling and it sucks, but glad to hear you got your bag and discs back.

Like everyone else I would like to know if the pawn shop owner held the punk for the cops or at least got his name and address to give to them.

Hope you threw the pawn shop owner a twenty in appreciation as well... he saved you a bundle.
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Default Is this AJ from Bonita?

I went to school with an AJ from Bonita High. Just wondering, it's Ryan Rambeau.
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How did the kid get into your car?
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My car got stolen with all of mine and my 2 sons discs and bags in it. Got the car and discs back luckily. Took my tool box and stainless coffe cup. Also the dumba$$ left a brand new 200$ hunting jacket behind. Took a toll box worth 200 and left behind 500$ worth of disc equipment.
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It is great to hear that you got your bag/discs back.

I know both the grief and joy that you experienced:

I threw a disc off the tee and it went across a moderately busy road into some large hedges. I dropped my bag, ran across the street, and found my disc after 4-5 minutes of searching. Someone jacked my bag while I was across the street (about 75 feet away) and took off; I was heartbroken. Two weeks later, I received a phone call from someone with the city. Apparently the thief ditched it in the bushes and a good samaritan found it and brought it to the city parks department. The only thing missing was a marshall street microfiber towel.
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Thieves are stupid. So glad to hear a somewhat good outcome of this. This is a good community of DGers and people......I've said it before...I love disc golf because it's fun, exercise, you get to see the outdoors in places you would never usually hike/walk...and the BIG ONE...the DG community, majority are good folks that are just out for a good time. Sure there are some stupid chuckers out there and some punk high school kids, but the majority of people I've met through disc golf have been great people.
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