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Originally Posted by THUGNIFICENT763 View Post
I am usually full of terrible ideas, today should be no exception.

- Blind Rally Co-Pilot Dubs -
Teams of two. When a person is throwing, they must be blindfolded. The other team member's job is to guide/coach the throw of the blindfolded thrower. Can be played as best shot or worst shot.

- Marfan Syndrome Gigantism Dubs -
Teams of two. One player gets to be the upper body, the other is the lower. Once this order is established, the upper body guy climbs onto the shoulders of the lower body guy. Both players will pull a XXXXXL Hanes white tee over themselves, creating the illusion of a freakishly tall disc golfer. From here on, it plays like a singles round, with both players constituting a single person.

- Twisted Metal Vigilante 8 Rogue Trip Carmageddon Road Warrior Dubs -
This is very similar to regular doubles, but each participant is allowed to bring a Power Wheels vehicle of their own choosing. Anything found within the vicinity of the course can be used as a weapon. Players are not allowed to leave the seat of their Power Wheels vehicle. Leaving the seat is a one stroke penalty.

- Don Frye Tank Abbott Mark Coleman Dubs -
Standard doubles rules. Each team gets a pair of boxing gloves. One glove per player. At any time during the game, you are allowed to strike your opposition with the boxing gloves. Fun for all ages and ability levels.
I did something similar to this at my end of Dubs Season Party. One one of the perks that I enjoyed about running a doubles league was getting to put my fellow players through the ringer sometimes to earn cash. I collected $1 per person for every round in the doubles league. 1/2 went to season end payout based on a point system 2 points for coming and 1 point for every player you beat top 18 of 26 weeks counted towards season end payouts. The other half was used to provide pizza and cash prizes at the end of season party. So this past year I had a large ace pot and birdie banks that didn't get hit towards the end of the season I had a good amount of money to give away.

The format I did was called "3 Blind Mice" 3 Throwers 3 Caddies 3 Holes. I had $300 to give 1st got $80 2nd got $20. I played 3 rounds with 6 player each round. The throwers were blindfolded at the first tee and couldn't remove the blindfold till they holed out 3 holes later. They had to rely on their caddy to tell them where to throw and guide their walk. The spectators were encouraged to heckle the players and I handed out noise makers just to help them out. It was hilarious to see players miss 6fters and try and throw just relying on what the caddies told them to do. 5&6's were good saw some 8's and 10's on the 3 short holes I used to do this. Everyone had a good time the heckling was fun.
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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
This is the best doubles format I've ever heard of, but it only works on certain courses.

You HAVE to have 2 baskets on each hole (note not 2 placements, but actually 2 baskets - usually works the best when you have them hundreds of feet apart - Warwick, Renny, Hornests Nest, etc).

The team of 2 plays singles. You add the round score to each other at the end of each hole and you have a final total after X number of holes (if one guy shoots 50 and the other 60, the team gets 110).

However, each hole, both baskets have to be holed out. There is no rules in terms of alternating who has to go for which one, you don't have to announce which you are going for, you can change your mind after your tee shot, etc, just hole out both baskets.

The amount of strategy involved - crazy fun!
Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
We call it choice shot, but it might be better termed "mystery box"...as in do you want to go home with this brand new boat or do you want to take the mystery box? I mean, a boat is a boat, but the mystery box could contain anything. It could even be a boat! You know how much you've always wanted a boat!

The first partner throws a tee shot. The team then must decide immediately whether they will play from that first drive or have the second partner throw. If the second partner throws, they must completely disregard the first throw and take the second throw no matter the result. The process is repeated at every lie until the hole is complete.

Where it can get tricky is how strict or lenient you want to be with how long the team has to decide. We've played it where it is a strict adherence to the 30 second rule, so one or both players can run up ahead to scout the first shot before deciding as long as they take no more than 30 seconds to decide and execute the second throw if needed. We've also played it where the team is not allowed to advance to look at the first throw and must decide from the tee/lie whether it is good enough to keep or if they want to discard it. Which way to do it really depends on time concerns...not putting some sort of restriction or clock on things could drag the round out.
Not thru the whole thread yet, but I like these. Simple, but nice ideas. Shouldn't be hard to learn and pull off effectively.
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One slight variant on best shot. Players pick the best shot on their drive only. From that point to the conclusion of the hole, they play their lies separately. The worst score at the basket is the team score for that hole. In another variation, both scores are recorded, with the better score on one line and the other score on another. Both lines are added at the end and the average of both totals is the team score.
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Almost forgotten I'd posted in this thread until Jimb quoted me. Good thing I didn't start typing about that same format again.

To add another option. We call it Scotch Doubles. Each hole begins like best shot with both partners throwing a tee shot and choosing the better of the two. From there, they finish the hole in alternate shot fashion beginning with the player who did not throw the chosen tee shot. So if Player A's drive is taken, Player B must play the next shot from that lie.

That last part is where the strategy really comes in. If Player A's drive is 25 feet out and Player B's is 35 feet, but Player A is a much stronger putter from 35 feet than Player B is from 25, should Player A take the longer putt if it might mean a slightly increased chance at a two?
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Pick THEIR poison, 2 variations

1. Teams pick each other's poison (worst lie, throw from long tee, choose their disc, choose their throw [backhand/forehand]) one punishment for each hole.

2. Played normal best shot, until 1 team wins a hole. The team who did worse on the previous hole gets to use 1 poison on the other team. If one team does better 2 holes in a row, the other team gets to use 2 poisons, poisons are not to be mixed on the same throw, but use 1 on tee shot, second one on up shot or putt.
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