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Default Critique my ITB.

Hello everyone.

Before you all yell at me, here's a little about my playing style/experience;

Length Playing: 6 Months
Throw: Left Handed, forehand dominant, learning a backhand
Division: Ma2
Max Distance Thrown:
Backhand - 350' w/Tailwind, 300' w/o tailwind.
Forehand - 350' no wind

I'm comfortable with not throwing crazy distance, I find my shot placement is 10x more important so I focus on that. That being said, here it is.

Bag: DD Commander

2 - Esp Anax - 172-174g ( 1proto, 1 first run)
1 - Opto Musket - 174g
1 - First Run Z Raptor - 173g
1 - Star Savant - 171g
1 - Prodigy 400 H5 - 175g
1 - Prodigy 750 F1 - 172g
1 - Prodigy 750 F2 - 173g
1 - Prodigy 400 F3 - 175g
1 - Prodigy 400 F5 - 175g
2 - Prodigy F7 - 175g (1 - 400, 1 - 750)
5 - DD EMac Truth
2 Moocid Luneshine - 176g
2 Fuzion Burst - 169g
1 Prime Burst - 179g
1 - DD Lucid Truth - 178g
1 - Pro-D Zone - 170-172g
1 - Prodigy 400 A2 - 172g
1 - Star Aviar3 - 170g
2 - DD Classic Blend Judges - 174g

So. Before we go and say you have too many molds, I have just bought the prodigy just to try out. So far I'm liking them and can get the desired flight pattern with them, so I will probably end up taking the higher speed stuff out of my bag for a while longer and focus on throwing the F series and 9 speeds.

The A2 I can get midrange distance out of. So that sort of fills my spot for an OS midrange I think...

But, other than that, what should I change, if anything?
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Nice bag I recommend upgrading the zone to z plastic. I've noticed the recent runs have had a little more stability than others. Question have u tried zeus yet? Just asking because there a great backhand disc beatin they are flippy and fresh ones got good stability. Discmania cline cd2 is a great stable 9 speed that holds hyzers nicely overall a great disc. Also nice to see another person who bags a raptor.
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Originally Posted by Chicken View Post
Nice bag I recommend upgrading the Zone to z plastic. I've noticed the recent runs have had a little more stability than others.
I agree or try the Zone in Titanium for more stability then Z if the Z is not what you want as Modern Titanium from late 2017 on up is often more OS then Z.

The old Titanium is its own thing that I never liked as it was a limited run for a single tournament that Discraft has run, the Ledgestone Open in Peoria IL. Old Titanium had a grip that was more then anything on the Market besides the Special Steady Ed blend used for the Gumputt, driver, and Blunt Gumputt molds as well as the Blowfly and II molds or possibly the modern Jawbraker in hot weather over 95 F.
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It’s actually not a bad overall setup, you have a decent spread of stability in the speed 9-10 range and then a good spread in the speed 7 range.

I would say you’re probably carrying too many midranges if anything. Lighten the load a little bit, I carry 5-6 in my full tourney bag (including the A2/zone type utility discs) and even that is a bit much. Casual rounds are fine with 3 or so. That way you’ll learn the individual discs better.
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I like the bag setup. I don't know what courses you play, so my only question is if you have overlap with some of those molds.

I agree with the responses above that upgrading your Zone would be a good thing. I have Zones in Big Z, ESP, and Titanium. They're all good, but I really love and recommend the Titanium Zone.
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