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Flare is about the beefiest disc I’ve ever thrown that still flies. Stego and early Gateway Spirits don’t fly, they just fade.
Stego is just mean. It will never, ever turn. I don’t care how hard it’s thrown or how fast the wind is, not gonna happen.
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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
whats the prerec for benching to throw that bag
A sacful of crutches according to you lol.

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Originally Posted by Moose33 View Post
A sacful of crutches according to you lol.
You win
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Originally Posted by DanJon View Post
Early Gateway Spirits.
This. The flat ones are REALLY overstable.

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Hmmmm....pretty dependent on how much speed is put on the disc.

I have seen some pretty dang beat in discs....they all will start to turn at some point.

You can turn anything, the question is how much and how soon will it come back.

I am going to go with a Ram.
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CryZtal FLX Tracker


If you can find one of these, easily the beefiest discs I've ever purchased.

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Originally Posted by Casey 1988 View Post
Drone in Big Z only, will never turn.

The Comander in Star will never turn.

The Gator will never turn unless the disc is DX and is very worn in

The Viper and Whippet will never turn, not sure if one can find the limited production Whippet right now.

Banshee will never turn in both Full production Champion and limited Production G-Star especially for those disc plastics.
I'll second the Big Z Drone. My mids from US-OS are Comet, Buzzz, Roc, Buzzz OS, Big Z Drone.

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Originally Posted by seedlings View Post
Can we compile a list of discs that, when beat in, will ‘never’ turn at human speeds? You all have way more experience than me (4 months from June 2020). If you have one to add, put the next number and list the disc. Feel free to include fairways or mids if they exist (I don’t know). I used to think a Verdict was a hoss, but it will turn in wind. I picked up a Defender thinking it wouldn’t turn, but it does. The only one I have and can’t get to turn whatsoever, even in stuff headwind:

1) Discraft Z Flick
I've actually seen Flicks that turn. MOST Flicks won't, but some do. I pulled them out of my bag for that reason. When I throw a Flick, I don't want any turn out of it.

When a Flick turns, it can turn a lot. Then it dumps hard at the end. Really ugly flight.

Nuke OS is my pick for discs that will never turn. Those things are absolutely brutal. I've never seen a Stiletto turn either. Nor a Monster.

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Originally Posted by Innova63 View Post
RDG Stego...
Came here to say this.

Just the other day I was throwing mine into a 30 mph headwind. Just made it hyzer out faster.

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