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Originally Posted by mj20300 View Post
Just a quick update, I'll still be with discraft ��
Always my favorite post this time of year.
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Originally Posted by Orioles_Lefty View Post
Its trilogy, but the the sponsorship is never provided in thirds. Odd combinations like 3/8 Dynamic Disc, 1/2 Westside, and 1/8 Latitude 64. But, its even more complicated than that. Lat64 and DD are co-owners of Westside, and I dont know those percentages it might be 50/50 so the Westside percentage is actually part DD and part Lat64. Its all very confusing.

All I can confirm is that the players are supposed to wear team merchandise flair, minimum 15 pieces, in alignment with the percentages of their sponsorship. Its in their contracts. Rumor is Robert McCall really tracked peoples flair. Created lots of friction. Main reason he was moved out of the Team Manager position to Marketing team. People grew tired of his flair reports.
Robert, How much time would you say you spend each week on these flair reports?...

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Originally Posted by TimSyl View Post
Which Michael Bolton song is your favorite?
I like the whole catalog. What can I say? I'm a Michael Bolton fan.
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Originally Posted by TimSyl View Post
Which Michael Bolton song is your favorite?
I guess I kinda like em all....

Originally Posted by brutalbrutus View Post
Umm, yeah, we're gonna need you to come up with some more on Saturday, too.
And I'm gonna do it, because I'm a pu$$y, which is why I work for Initech in the first place...

Originally Posted by Keller View Post
Sorry, to me, slapping ones self senseless with a disc is just as dumb as punching the ground or a tree.
Well, at least I didn't sleep with Lumbergh!

Originally Posted by Lazerface View Post
Robert, How much time would you say you spend each week on these flair reports?...
So.... what would you say ya do here!?...

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Originally Posted by BuiltTooLong View Post
Innova sponsored Joel Freeman has stated he is newly engaged and will not be on tour this coming year but hopes to tour again in the future.

In other news, Paul McBeth was spotted wearing a jacket that said NOVA in large print.

So McBeth can't feed his dog Innova Dog Food?

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Not only that, he can't use that Innova back stretcher thing either.
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Originally Posted by BuiltTooLong View Post
It has "CRAFT" on the back in large print... I've seen numerous pros wear jackets with the Team Innova logo/wings on the back. Also, I'm not saying he only can wear Innova stuff, I just said it was a questionable choice, and I'm sure his sponsor didn't love the choice. There are thousands of jackets out there, it just seems like an odd selection to me. \_(ツ)_/
I see where you're coming from, but I doubt anyone thinks it's as big a deal as you do.

Yes, Innova makes some light hoodies and jackets, but what Barsby is wearing is a waterproof/breathable membrane jacket. I don't think Innova has ever dabbled in that type of technical outerwear. So Innova pros are free to wear whatever they like when it's raining hard.

The fact that the "CRAFT" logo is so similar to part of Discraft's is a funny coincidence, but I doubt anyone's feathers are too ruffled about it. (Except yours, apparently. Or you're trolling, in which case: great job! )

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25 pages into the thread and conjecture prevails. . .

any actual news to report or are we bored at work?

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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
So you're saying I'm not going to get my sponsor bonus for this past weekend?

http://westsidediscs.com First result in Google. All in English.

Players from any of the three teams are allowed to use bags branded by any of the three companies, same as with the discs. It is true that we are limited to just bags branded by the three companies. With the variety and quality available (including carts), why would we need to use anything else?
I found the Finnish site by mistake at the time, I went with one of the other searches below the first one.
Thanks for the Info, I was wondering if DD at least at had to use a the Bags of its own brand. I know your company does have some of the best quality in bags namely the DD Stuff and I saw some like Ricky when on the team using the DD cart but it is odd that most other brands do not have the players having to use there bags except that some brands partner with grip like Discmania and Discraft so those players often use those models that the company contracted with to have Discraft/Discmania logos on the bags unless they have a sponsor with a brand that does not use Discraft logos on it, they often add the Discraft logo .

At one point Innova players had to have its players use the Innova bags at least that was what you saw in the mid 2000's if they were not, but at the time they had one or two of the best bigger quad strap bags for players and most others were not nearly as nice except the Discraft Tournament single strap quad compatible bag the ones made after 2007 being that the older ones were so durable they often lasted 10-11 years or so before falling apart at the seams with rough to heavy use.

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