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Super crazy wildness going on with some of the pink Icon Rivals.
Kinda looks like a Georgia O'Keefe.
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Got my Icons yesterday. It was cold out so they felt pretty stiff but I expect they'll soften up a bit in decent weather. They were still flexible though and feel pretty good. I got a red 175g that was super flat/concave, and a pink 165g that had the normal tiny dome/shouldering. Accidentally nailed my fence with one and it didn't even scratch the plastic.
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these are also available at

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Got my yellow FR today and will hopefully have some time later to throw it.

First impression of the plastic is it is stiff, but not as stiff as the Pinnacle. That stuff was rock hard. This is a bit more gummy, but still feels similar. Are these being released in the Legends plastic? I hope they are still more gummy then this. Hope they fly well!!
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Lets get some reviews going.
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Alright had some time to go out and throw today. It was pretty windy out, but it gave me an opportunity to throw in head winds and tail winds. I was hoping the disc would be a good replacement to my TeeBirds, since the Pinnacle Rival is eerily similar. I just don't like the stiff Pinnacle plastic. I was excited to try the disc in this new gummier Icon plastic.

I was throwing it with my 175g KC Champ cal mold TeeBird for comparison. First time I threw it I noticed immediately that it had less HSS then my Pinnacle Rival. The TeeBird I was able to throw flat with a hard rip and it didn't turn. The Rival however did turn. It flew HSS -0.75 and didn't fade as hard with a LSS of 1.5. On a similar throw later in the test, I was able to completely flip over the disc into a roller. That was a bit disheartening.

With a smooth and less powerful hyzer release, I was able to get the Rival to get good distance but again the HSS was less stable and the LSS was not as pronounced as the TeeBird. The lower power shot was where the Rival shined in my opinion. But, I really had to power down the shot to more of a stand-still shot to make it do what I imagined it would do.

With a anny release, the TeeBird fought it out and went straight. The Rival however followed the smooth anhyzer line.

Overall, my opinion of the flight was something similar to a Eagle or Eagle L. In comparison to what I remember the Pinnacle Rival doing, this disc had a less stable high speed flight, but the glide was far improved. The plastic was also more gummier. I truly feel that this could replace some Eagle like discs in someones bag. Unfortunately for me, that wasn't what I was going for. I wonder if the harder and more stiff plastic was giving the Rival more HSS stability. Just a thought.
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rival = teebird or rival = eagle?
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sounds like pinnacle rival = teebird

icon = eagle.

I know that I'd compare my flat pinnacle rivals to a slightly beat teebird
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This is actually welcome news for me. A fresh Pinnacle, beat Pinnacle, a Icon and a Icon Patriot sounds like a sweet fairway lineup.
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Just got my free Icon first run one from Lion yesterday. First couple of throws are telling me that with my power, a flat, strong throw will ride slightly right then finish slightly to the left. It doesn't turn over and ride an anny, it just gently rides right and comes back at around 350. Powered down it easily cruises to 300 and fades hard left. So far I'm loving it and will make a nice addition to my bag, next to my rivers in my fairway drives.
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