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Default The pains of getting better (AKA goodbye dear friend)

I bought a pre-loved leopard a few months ago and with me getting a bit better and slamming it into trees for the last couple months i noticed she was getting a bit flippy into a headwind but what a beautiful s-turn otherwise. Well with winter approaching i decided to work on my form with my putter and mako3 while the poor girl sat in my bag and have picked up about 20-25 feet so far.

Today i had a chance to play my favorite course and after 12 holes of throwing mids and putters (i dont do so well on tunnel shots and didnt want to risk her carrying the lake on 2) I finally get to 13 and see the pin is moved from last time i played and is about 250 out with a lake on my right and a tree protecting the left front of the circle. I didnt hesitate to pull the old girl out thinking I bet i can get it there because i throw my putter a bit further. I'll just s-turn her around that tree like nobody's business.

I am her for the right edge of the tree and send her on a bee line right where i aimed. Oh, she looked pretty fading right out over the lake. Then i notice she's not coming back. I couldn't help but cry 's-turn, S-TURN, S-TURNNNNNN,' but all she heard was 'gentiley turn over". I stood there in terror as I helplessly watched my friend dive into a lake 40 feet from the shore. Knowing there was no way i was ever going to see her again i was disheartened.

Whyyyyyyyyy, why did i have to get better? Why did i throw you hard enough to turn you over without any wind? What the heck were you thinking? DONT YOU KNOW YOU JUST COST ME A FRIGGIN STROKE? Wait a sec.. I have a valid excuse to go buy some new plastic? COOL!!!!

Good bye ol girl you will be missed.

TL,DR When you get better your disks might fly differently than you remember and you may flip one of your favorites into a lake but dont cray because now you have an excuse to buy more plastic.
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Hey 40 feet is retrievable. I've gone into 45 degree water for other peoples discs in water that was up to my waist. I would recommend a Pro Leopard to replace the beauty you lost. I still have a Konopiste Open CD3 in that lake as well as a Star Tern.

The CD3 I thought would hold in a headwind, and the Tern slipped out of my hand on a wet day and hit the water 50 feet off the tee and skipped almost all the way across before it faded hard about 50 feet off the other shore, I'm assuming they are quite close to each other even though I haven't seen either of them.
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that was beautiful

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Sounds like you need a snorkel...
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Another beloved disc lost to Davy Jones' Locker. Sorry to say, but it won't be the last.
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A star leopard is in your future.
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It always hurts to lose a faithful soldier.

I have been using a Recycled Stag as my stable Fairway for about two years. I have been turning it over and will probably need to place an order for a fresh one soon. Thanks for the reminder.
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Ok I have come to a decision... That friggin lake is a plastic magnet. I didn't mention that my retee also went in the lake (easily retrievable with a stick). Then today I returned to the same course and on the same hole threw my Saint. This one usually goes about 150-160 then makes almost a 90 degree left and settles 40-50 ft left of where I threw it. Today I launch it about 10 ft off the shore line and threw it higher than I meant too. No way that one is wet right? WRONG, about the time I expected it to Spike down (overstable+too high) it somehow flipped over too. Judging by its landing spot I would say that my poor Leo now has someone to talk to in Davey Jones' locker. Then just for fun on the next hole I hit a rock and my buzzz takes a funny bounce stands up and rolls down about 80ft of hill it has enough speed to pop out of a steep ditch that is about 3ft wide and 3ft deep, it rolled acoss the road, and down the hill until it was also wet (another easy retrieval).

There is a friggin plastic magnet in that lake. Screw getting my discs back I want to find that thing as well as it works I'll run down the course drop it in the basket and ace everything within 1000ft.

Still don't understand how my disc today flipped over. If it had spiked itself into the lake I would have understood but to flip?
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