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View Poll Results: Which do you prefer, the Beast or the Valkyrie?
Beast is better! 13 25.49%
Valkyrie is the one! 38 74.51%
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Old 01-14-2019, 09:14 PM
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The Valk goes nearly as far but is more controllable and seems marginally better for slower arms.

As soon as I tried a Tern, though, I no longer saw a use for the Beast. My experience is that the Tern doesn't seem to require more armspeed to throw, seems just as controllable, and adds significant distance compared to the Beast.
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Old 01-14-2019, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Twmccoy View Post
I've never had a really beefy Valk, but I've sure seen some Vikings that were. I'm talking like Firebird overstable.

If/when I throw Valks (which is super seldom) I want ones with some dome, and heavy. Lightweight Valks are uselessly flippy.

Same goes for Beasts. Make them domey and heavy.
I do not want a Champion Valkyrie domey as then it was Monarch US to me, not what I was looking for. Those Champion Valkyrie need to be low to no more then average dome or the disc is not going to work. Beast is always higher dome as a low dome Beast is then as os as a Wraith/Orc/Destroyer type disc in that category.
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Old Yesterday, 01:23 PM
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Old pearly Beasts > any driver out there. Hands down my favorite disc ever produced!!
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Old Yesterday, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Sydex View Post
I think the only X Beasts in production are Champion and GStar, somebody correct me if that has changed.

Beasts, and speed 10 discs in general, just feel comfortable in my hand. 11+ starts to feel a little big. My brother swears by Valkyries, but that’s because he had thrown them first.

How many like Beasts and threw Valks first?
I threw beasts first, and like valks better. Both have had spots in the bag, but the valkyrie is there to stay.
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Old Yesterday, 03:34 PM
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Just got back from a round with both Beasts and my only Valkyrie...I'm still Team Valk.

I'll grab a Champion Beast the next time I buy. Maybe it will change my mind.
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Old Yesterday, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by SD86 View Post
There are Star Valks out there that were pretty flat and very overstable, especially relative to 'normal' Valks. I know because I got one of them, and could never beat that thing in, despite hot water 'tuning' and throwing it onto asphalt and into brick walls. So watch out for those flat-top Star Valks, and you should get what you're looking for.
Jesus i know what you mean. I picked one up thinking it would be my go-to flippy driver and it ended up being the second most overstable disc in my bag.
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Old Yesterday, 10:35 PM
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The valk was the first disc I was able to get a full flight out of. I remember that throw so clearly. My form was poor and erratic at best, but that throw lol. I had a pro beast that reliably would hold a turn for long right turning holes....but one day a throwler and goodbye. I was turned off of beasts until I found a "2 time" not "2x" pearlyish champ beast. Nice full flights. I have since picked up a couple more pearlyish 2 time ones and I have found some patent# star beasts which all fly nice for me. I have a factory dyed 2x which is a meathook as well. Having to pick one it would be a 2 time champ or patent# star beast only over a valkyrie.
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Old Today, 07:26 PM
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Thanks for the answers; some great replies. My own $0.02 is that the Valk is at the upper end of the true control drivers, thrown more for accuracy than distance, while the Beast was an early distance driver. Like someone said above, high speed discs like the Tern have supplanted the Beast as distance drivers.

The X and L molds of the Beast have screwed things up for that mold, but the inconsistency of the Valk runs offsets that. I have Champion Valks that are relatively understable, Star Valks that are what most people want Thunderbirds to be, and everything in between. My old Echostar Valk is great, except it's the color of Georgia pine straw on the ground.

In some ways it's a shame the Beast is being left behind, as it's a great disc. It has more glide than the Valk, and is a great disc on pitch-and-putt courses with holes that are 300-350 ft. in length. Alas, it's caught up between control drivers and distance drivers.

My own straight-to-understable complimentary disc for my SL (or Pro Thunderbird at times) is the Infinite Discs Sphinx , so I'm not bagging either the Valk or Beast. But both are good, so I guess the debate will continue on.
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Old Today, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Sydex View Post
How many like Beasts and threw Valks first?
I'm in that boat.

To be fair, I've only thrown one Valk I really loved: 175g Star that had decent glide and enough beef to be useful forehand. At some point I lost it and happened to have found a 175g Star Beast that had better glide and was similarly useful forehand. They were both in the bag for a while, But I fell in love around the time I lost the Beast, and my attempts at replacing the Beast were more successful than replacing the Valk.

Actually, my only complaint about the Beast is how finicky it behaves in even mild headwinds. I also think that speed 10 is simply a sweet spot speed-wise, for me. For others that like 11, or 12, or higher, there are clearly better options.

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