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Default Discmania FD vs. Innova TL

Can we get some pro's of each disc to chime in?
Both discs seem to have a pretty good following from fans.

Can't find a thread with a direct comparison between these discs.
I've only thrown the C FD once, and it was nice. Glidey, handles low lines, accurate, seems a bit more understable or less HSS than the TL.

Let's compare:

aiming accuracy
ability to BH and FH
ability to gauge distance
how they handle head/tail/crosswinds
ability to follow all degrees of hyzer, anhyzer, straight lines

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I can't help you on a comparison.

I've thrown FD's since they came out, two or three years (I can't remember)

and I've only thrown TL's a handful of times.

I'm pretty sure in S-line vs. Star the TL has more HSS.

on a good flat rip an FD will have some lateral movement and some fade, very little on both ends, but still apparent. No wind/Tailwind with good form and about 70% it's one of the glidiest and straightest discs I've ever thrown.

S-line FD's do not like headwind at all.

obviously you can bump up to 1st/3rd/current run C-line for added stability and wind resistance.

2nd run Cline FD's are very HSS, I'd wager a fresh 2nd run is as much/if not more overstable than a teebird. They're like a really flat banshee.

I like the FD in a range of plastics.

beat 170 S Turn over

worn 175 S Straight/Hyzer flip

beat 167 2nd Run C Straight to fade

new 175 2nd Run C sweep hyzer
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TL's have more HSS, but similar LSS. So basically, with the proper arm speed/snap, the TL will fly a tighter line, albeit marginally tighter. TLs are great for locking on a release angle and holding it (hyzer, flat,anhyzer) through the whole flight. TLs do seem a little power hungry, they'll fade out fairly quick when underpowered.

FDs are more workable. FDs are easier to shape lines (flex shots, turnovers, hyzer flips) with. They also power down better than TLs. Also, despite the fact TLs have great glide, FDs beat them out in this category because they have insane glide.

All that said though, those differences aren't all that huge. These discs are in the same family, neutral fairway drivers.

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I had a Star TL and tried to make it work for the longest time. Bought a Cline FD and it kicked the TL out immediately. Everything stated above is correct. Insane glide, holds any line, powers down beautifully.
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I'll agree with everyone here. I have a gstar TL and and several FDs. The FD will show a little turn followed by little fade but mostly pretty dang straight. My TL doesn't turn at all. It goes straight most of the way then fades at the very end. I also get a little more distance of the FD. FD is my preference for straight fairways.
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To me, the champion TL's are more like Eagle-L's whereas I agree that the C-line FD's are insanely workable while still being able to handle power without turning and burning.

I thought the S-Line FD's were flippier than a Star TL but maybe that's just the ones I was throwing.
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Great comparison Brodysseus!

Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
I thought the S-Line FD's were flippier than a Star TL but maybe that's just the ones I was throwing.
I'd agree with this. The 1st run and/or Jolly Launcher C-Line FD's are where it's at when it comes to being very workable. Not to say the S-Lines aren't, just that they tend to have a little less LSS to start with and beat in a bit more quickly compared.
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Default Point and shoot money

I'd been in the market for a workable neutral fairway driver with lots of glide for awhile now, trying to step back my game and improve my form. today I was at play it again sports for about an hour feeling up plastic with a buddy who I am teaching as I learn (was looking to pick up fairway drivers for both of us). I had him feel up a couple discs, strongly steering him towards a leopard but emphasizing the importance of a disc simply feeling good in your hand. I have thrown leopards and love their controllability, but know I can flip them over if Im not too careful. I'm also a big fan of the finesse of high-gliders, My innova Tern is my favorite distance driver; Although I can throw destroyers further just not as accurately. He eventually decided that the leopard felt the most natural of the molds available (most tee bird variants, roadrunner, cheetah, and a rather sexy used lat 64 diamond light). As I proceeded to search the racks disc by disc looking for champ leopards (There were... ZERO. loads of premium plastic tee birds. only dx leopards). Suddenly I found a 169 g [Jolly Launcher] C-line Discmania FD (never heard of it but aware of discmania vs innova). It had no price tag and was mixed in with new champion innova discs, it is in like new condition with a couple tiny scuffs. I read the flight numbers and think to myself "Day-yum, that's the disc I'm looking for"
Field tested it alongside three leopards (two dx[beat and new] and one newish F2 pro). I don't know it as well as the leopard yet, but I got 5-7 good throws out of it and it is clear that this mold is simple the fairway driver for me. I got lucky finding it.
Very controllable finesse disc that can handle some extra power. glides like Gillette .

Also, it has bubbles it the rim like a blizzard but it is firm, slightly pearly, jolly launcher and feels nothing like blizzard. so beefy, so choice.
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TLs if you can throw consistent 450ft, FDs if not. I prefer FDs for forehands, as well.
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For me the FD is easier to hyzer-flip, powers down better, flies a better sky annie line and forehands well. The TL is straighter and dumps off if not thrown with enough power and a seasoned TL is just a beautiful thing. Both are really good discs. I know it wasn't part of the question but, in the last few month the TL3 has replaced both of the TL and FD in my bag.
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