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@ Fiend

Your form and technique sound about the same as mine for overhand. I use the shot at all lengths and distances, except putting. I was wondering though b/c I have been throwing it for a long time and can probably seldom hit 340' on a tomahawk. I still have never met or seen anyone that can out throw me on these type of shots so I was curious, and OH has been my bread and butter for playing 10+ years. (although now I am trying to develop other parts of my game, mostly backhand) What kind of follow through do you use? Do you have long arms?

I used to use firebirds and flicks for max distance. However I got a z venom and it flies much further than either of those discs ever did for me. It stays vertical in the air column much longer before starting to turn over. The only thing is when I throw full throttle I have to adjust my aim a bit b/c it wants to release more right coming out of my hand.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but I never stretch my arm out anymore. The only time it ever hurts is when I stretch before a round. Seems weird but works for me.
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