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This is without a doubt the best thread ever. A couple of month ago I made some big progress just watching the first video and focusing on pulling tight, pulling light and leveraging - great stuff. I had another revelation today when one of my buddies (course guru) pointed out that my footwork was inconsistent and wanted me to throw from a standstill. He's told me this several times but I'm a stubborn SOB and just didn't want to give up my x step. In my head I just knew this extra momentum was helping. Guess what - it wasn't. I finally agree to play an entire round without any run up or x step and I literally shot the best round of my life. When I stand still I can really feel the tucking of the disc into the pocket and the inward wrist bend that gives that bit of spring on release. I was throwing just as far as with the x step but with more consistency - F'n A! All of this has been said before in this thread but just in case your a stubborn SOB like me I'll say it one more time. Watch the first video in the thread over and over and over and drop the run up. Just focus on the inward pull that flexes the wrist inward towards the armpit then rip. Yeah, I know this is not news - I'm just so excited about progress I had to comment.
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Great stuff slinger! I am so glad you are making progress and that you had somebody badger you into the non-step round.

I wish I could take credit, but the reality is that the work you do in the field, on the course, in the office (door closed!), around the house, back yard, front yard, pumping gas, and laying in bed thinking about it... That's something you get to take credit for.

I know the work is torture. I know you guys probably hate me, sw22, and the others who point out the details that you were sure you finally fixed... I hated seeing myself still doing things wrong.

But somehow the magic unfolds if you work and then suddenly it's second nature and you realize that you can overthrow the basket you could never reach.
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That video helped a great deal.

When I began playing this silly game, I threw underhand (the same motion as bowling). That's how I'd always thrown Frisbees, and as I began playing the game throwing 163g Wham-Os, it was what I was doing. Bought my first disc (an XD) and was throwing it underhand. Decided I needed to learn to throw backhand and asked for pointers from guys I threw with. I never had a long arm backhand, even then when I was young and in good shape.

I'm now in a position where I've not played much in several years and have recently gotten active playing again...as an old, fat guy. I decided to research driving techniques to figure out what to work on and have found that much of what I was told simply wasn't very good advice. D'oh! I found the Beto video and yet didn't have all the details in my head. This video explained what I was missing from that.

So now I think I'm going to add some days of field work with my full stack of extra drivers and this drill. Going to play a short local course with just my Aero and throw every shot from standstill. Gotta work out the technique and train the muscles to get the hell out of the way of the lever action.
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