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So i counted my putts this weekend and my throws.

From around 50'-60' I had the following

Jump putts: 0 / 8
Throws: 0 / 6
Rollers: 0 / 2

Now what OP? I should stop playing since I didn't make any?

My throws were furthest away, and my jump putts landed closest to the basket. (rollers were survival) So since I didn't make any, i have no proof that either is better/worse than the other. So i'll just base it off the result of the throw. Landing within 15' is better than 25', so for me, and my personal research, the Jump putt, when possible, is the best technique from that distance for me.

Yes, this is a bit sarcastic, but actually factual for me tournament Saturday.
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I kinda did the same thing yesterday. I had 4 putts that were jumpers in my round, 50+ feet out. I decided to throw and jump all of them for fun. All 4 of my jumpers hit the basket and sat with a foot or two of the basket. None of my throws hit the basket. All were within 15' except for one that caught some wind and flew 30+ out. So since I missed all my putts I guess I sould just give up on both.
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Originally Posted by tampabay View Post
Top pros doing something is a great reason to do something. They invest countless hours more than I do, why wouldn't I try and mirror something successful?

Anyone saying that it isn't smart to jump putt clearly is just trying to troll. There have been arguments to ban jump putts because they provide too much of an advantage.

It's more accurate than approach shots. It's awesome. Winners do it.

^^^ truth
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Originally Posted by The Hammer View Post
* Spends time counting people's posts in thread

* Tells those people they have too much time on their hands
Each thread has a post summary.

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Originally Posted by zenbot View Post
Each thread has a post summary.

Knowledge bomb!
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why do people jump putt?

some guy saw another guy hit a long one and then he went on the interwebz and talked about it and other people heard about it and tried it and it went on and on and on.

the end
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
My point is that you shouldn't go out and practice jump putting. You should try to increase your putting distance by increasing the power that comes from your lower body. You'll get to a point where you start to step through. I haven't gotten to a jump putt yet, so I couldn't swear it's the same process, but I think it is.

And then there's the possibility that I am doing it wrong; but I've had enough success with it I don't think that's the case.

Michigan games look fun!
Well I see what you are getting at because I just played a round earlier where I had some distance putts and I started to question how I should throw it. Although I must say that I made a shot at the basket for birdie that I counted 35 paces on, which I think was probably about a 60 foot shot. But I must also admit that I then had some similar shots where I messed up my release and they were rather bad. They ended up giving me about a 17 foot putt so they weren't entirely awful but they were simple approach shots that should have been right under the basket (or in it).

So I am rethinking my strategies here a bit. I do love to take a throw at the chains when I feel like I can, but now I feel that I should do more of a putting motion in some instances.
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