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Within 100 ft or so, consider throwing upside down so the disc never takes flight. Within 30 ft or so, consider the same thing and just take the extra stroke or 2 and move on. With that much wind, the person with the fewest bogies or double bogies wins.
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In 2010 or so, I played a tourney at a course that, at that time, had the highest differential for avg scoring in tournament rounds in the same day, Richlands-Steed in Richlands, NC.

On the day I played, it was fairly calm in the morning, but the winds picked up into 30+ for the afternoon round. Started out last in my group and ended with the best score for the division, because I did a lot of laying up, took few risks, and had the fewest bogies or double bogies.

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Originally Posted by Zphix View Post
No matter what I tried the wind would pick the disc up or push it down instantly.

You just learned something. Now figure out how to use that knowledge. With any wind, you have to decide whether to fight it or ride it. You may have to throw a pretty weird line but as often as not the wind can aid your shot if you think before you throw. Remember that (putting aside) the current shot is just a set up for the next shot.

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It is all about finding the right disc for me. Throwing a disc with full power into a 30mph headwind and knowing that it will not flip over is a confidence thing. I found an Enforcer that I can throw level with full power into extreme headwinds and watch it fly straight down the fairway... it is one of my favorite throws I have in my bag.
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Originally Posted by armiller View Post
Since we had this little chat, I've been thinking about this a little more. First of all, I wouldn't be surprised if you're a much better player than I am. But since reading this thread, I've had a couple opportunities to play in medium wind. Internet wind speeds are probably very similar to internet distances, but I would imagine I've played in some consistent 15-20 mph with gusts up to ~30 mph. I stand by what I said about strong winds in the 30-40 range. For a tailwind up to 20 mph or so, I'll bust out an understable disc for sure. But when it's much higher than that, I can't get those understable discs to be very consistent. So I do tend to favor shot selection that allows me to use overstable discs. I wouldn't say I enjoy that type of golf as much, but in those conditions my Buzzz/Pure/Leopard stay in the bag. I feel like I should be able to hit shots with them, but for some reason I have less luck. Shots I don't use as much, like thumbers and tomahawks, become pretty amazing for distance with a tailwind. And plain old OS Teebird, Firebird, PD, and OS Nuke shots become my most consistent shots. As always, I've got plenty of room for improvement in those shots I've been avoiding; so I'm probably just compensating for poor shot-making ability by going with the safe ones.

In summary, for me it's a shot selection thing. Would you say your overstable discs get any more use in those windy conditions?

Also, as far as the laughing thing, I continue to be amazed at how discs can change angles in mid-air in the wind. I had one full power drive last week on ~15 degrees of hyzer, and it hit some kind of gust or air pocket that changed the hyzer angle at least 5-10 degrees instantaneously. The shot wasn't terribly affected, but it's still entertaining to me.

I think I do the same. I meant that I would make a 7-footer 100% of the time. In some of those winds, that is definitely not the case.
Like I said originally nearly three years ago, there are times for both. "Load up on overstable" is both an oversimplification and a somewhat super conservative way to play in big wind (hence some people thinking it's "boring"). One of my biggest tournament wins came because of a great round I played in 35-degree cold with wind gusts between 25-40mph. I simply knew how to play the wind better and we were on a course around a lake, so there was OB abounding. I knew how to make a neutral flying disc go left into a headwind, wherein most of my opponents did not.

I do think that one thing that gets people thinking just "load up in the overstable stuff" is the fact that they see top pros, and they'll throw their OS Destroyer or Force or Enforcer, or PD2 or Ballista Pro or XCal all the time in the wind. That makes us "regular guys" think they are loading up on overstable. But you have to notice and remember that many times several of those discs aren't overstable for those top pros. They have the arm speed and acceleration where sometimes that disc, especially if not brand new, isn't so OS for them, and in fact fly more like neutral-flyers. And there are things you can do with your release and form so a disc WON'T flip from Hyzer to anyhyzer angle in mid-air.
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Default Three part deep dive into the wind with Pete Ulibarri and Scott Stokely

Three part deep dive into the wind with Pete Ulibarri and Scott Stokely

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Watching Aray throw, he's got great angle control. I have no doubt he plays the wind very well.
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