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Originally Posted by seedlings View Post
How does it hold up to tree kicks? The one and only glow round I’ve played, I saw glow tape fly off discs twice on tree hit.
Use the method I described above. A blow dryer cannot be emphasized enough. That will really seal your tape down. Make sure your discs are cleaned before you tape also.

As far as LED lights go, I don't have any experience using them, but I'd imagine there is a better method to sealing them down than just tape.
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I've used packing tape and weather seal tape with the thin LEDs. If you hit a tree real hard, the disc folds into a taco for a millisecond. That's when the tape loosens up and ejects the LED.

A smaller piece of glow tape without the LED is better.
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I haven't really bothered to read through all 7 pages of this, but has anybody mentioned the dedicated Glow Box? My play group has a couple of these that we pass around while we play. No blinding lights and it charges fully in a matter of seconds. https://glowbox.online/ If you're serious about playing glow disc, I'd highly suggest one of these, even at the higher price.

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Originally Posted by seedlings View Post
How does it hold up to tree kicks? The one and only glow round I’ve played, I saw glow tape fly off discs twice on tree hit.
My home course is extremely wooded and it works very well but only when the tape and LED are applied well. Name brand clear Duct tape works the best and you want to use a very small amount to a clean, dry, room temp disc. You want to stick your LED on the tape first and get all the bubbles out and then apply to bottom of disc pressing all the bubbles out. You want to use just enough tape to cover the LED and all around the disc. If you use an excess amount of tape, a corner can start to peel back. When a corner starts to peel, the friction of air while spinning through the air, it will start to peel the tape off (you can usually audibly hear it happening before you lose your disc).
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Originally Posted by BuiltTooLong View Post
I gave up on trying to trying to use glow discs for night rounds and much prefer having a nice thin LED taped neatly underneath. For the last several years, I have had a dedicated bag setup just for glow rounds and its super convenient having it always ready to go.

Using LEDs also lets me use discs that are wonderful flyers but terribly colored. (I.E. my pearly tye dyed FAF Firebird)
I wish I got to play glow rounds more often, but when I do it's the LED/packing tape plan using clear candy plastic Discs. I'm out there just goofing around really, don't care if it affects the aerodynamics or not (it most surely doesn't much, if at all, for the likes of me).

I will say glow Discs have come a long, long way since the Innova Glow Shark I have with the 1989 stamp. Oh, and a glow Cyclone I had in a player's pack. Those things barely lit up at all compared to what I'm seeing nowadays.

But, yeah, the LED thing is fun for me. I love seeing the little dot zooming off and landing next to other dots like I'm in an Atari game. I've only had it fall off once and it was right next to my Disc. Otherwise it's way easier to find Discs in the rough at night than it is during the day.
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