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peaked? IDK but I do know that this is the only place where I have found that is only disc golf or other things from disc golfers. Everything else out there is something else mainly with a disc golf corner. That is why I come here each day...its like the water cooler of the disc golf community.
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Originally Posted by Three Putt View Post
Random thought about DGCR: When it started in 2007, I threw every new disc that came out and could pretend like I knew a lot about golf discs. Fast-forward 12 years and there is a popular three-company disc manufacturer that I ignore (basically because the fanboys are annoying) and Innova released a disc (Corvette) that I've not only never tried, I've not paid attention enough to it to even know what kind of disc it is. OS? US? Fairway? High-Speed? Who knows, I don't care. So much for pretending to know a lot about golf discs.
I've hit that point as well. I was pretty peeved to find out that same manufacturer snuck a lid into production without me having a clue it existed. I think I fought harder than everyone to get Champ Polecats into production, and no one said a word. It's also becoming a fairly frequent occurrence that the discs (most recently in the newest shallow stable putter thread) I would recommend in the discs subforum are now OOP. What was Innova thinking stopping production on the Classic Roc!?! #getoffmylawn

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Fine fine fine I'll stare Rubing again. Geez


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Peaked? maybe, new players come here and get scolded by the older "online gangster" members. I personally think the DGCR app on my phone is great. I have mentioned it to around 20 players. Around 12 of them said "f&%K that site, their all a$%&holes. So yeah, it has probally peaked. Too many flame wars.
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Word on the street is that DGCR needs to get with the times and be even more informative and precise.

Antiquated is the half-point course rating system. Today’s modern technology makes DGCR easily capable of upgrading to at the very least a quarter-point rating system giving reviewers the options to rate courses 4.25 or 3.75 for example. A system allowing a hundredth of a point increments is also possible with the power of a modern computer.

Also outdated is the limited options for tree foliage and elevation on the course pages. Really, only three options each? Are there really no courses between “somewhat hilly” and “very hilly”? Modern computers can gracefully handle at least five options each, without any significant loss of processing speed. Why not “Entirely flat”, “Small hills”, “Moderately hilly”, “Very hilly” and “Extreme terrain” for the elevation options? Spice it up a little. For tree foliage try “None or very few trees”, “Lightly wooded”, “Moderately wooded”, “Very wooded” and “Densely wooded.” Why be so bland?

The limited wind speed choices in the scorebook section (and is there a difference between “none” and “calm”?) should be replaced with either the option to type in any number under 100 or actual wind speed ranges in increments of 5 (0-5,6-10,11-15, etc.).

Maybe we can start one of those modern fundraising items on that modern website GoFundMe to raise the money to implement these breakthrough ideas, or ask the PDGA for a grant.

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Yes, this site peaked right before the Gender /Transgender nonsense “it’s all in the science” thread started
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DGCR was at it's peak at around 5000-6000 members. Eventually if became oversaturated and even I could not keep up.

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While this forum has its dumbasses aka rude/likes stirring the pot, it's always like this in any popular forum.

I love the site, even though I'm new to it. I learned a lot.

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Two different eras.

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We're not supposed to talk about Noill or his new cult…

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