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Originally Posted by gpttigers View Post
I own 3 Pharaohs. A 1st run Swirly that flies 13,5,-1, 2.5. It is flat top and can handle some headwind. It is absolutely the best disc that I own and I would love to have multiple ones but I can't find anymore. It is faster than a 4x destroyer but not as overstable. I have a 2nd run Swirly that has a big dome and is 13,5,-2.5,1 that I hardly ever throw and isn't bagged due to its flippiness. I have a 4th run metal flake that has a dome and is 13,5,-2,2 that I bag and trust with no wind or a slight tailwind.

To me the 1st run Pharaoh is a unicorn. It the perfect amount of speed and stability. I can throw 4x destroyers about 325 but the 1st run Pharaoh gets out to 365. I periodically email infinite to ask about more Pharaohs like the 1st run but all they ever make after that is domey ones. I don't get it. Why can't they get innova to make more like that for them? I would pay up to $50 a disc to get more like my first run.

Does anyone know if a champ shryke might be what I am looking for or at least close to it?
I have a 1st run Swirly Pharoah and 3 Champ Shrykes, all of which fly about -1, 2ish at a bit more power than you. Just get a domey Shryke (Stars bomb with dome, flip horribly without it) and you should be close to your 1st run.
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Originally Posted by GoatPaco View Post
Has anyone thrown the Metal Flake Glow C-Blends that are up? If these are a tick or two more stable than a stock Champion Shryke then sign me up. I'd love them to be borderline destroyer stable but that's probably too much to ask.

I've always wanted a Metal Flake Shryke, so hopefully this is at least that.
I am also interested
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I ordered one...a Metal Flake C-line (and an I-Blend) but they haven't arrived yet and mid-winter is never the best for testing

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What's the most overstable Pharaoh? I had a swirly S-blend X-out from the 2nd run I believe, and it was a great distance driver for me. But I threw it in a lake, so looking to replace it. The remaining S-blends on Infinite are muddy colors that will be hard to find.

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I took the current run Pharaoh (run 5) out to the course yesterday. Run 5 is a flatter run, and fresh out of the box it is very stable. For me it almost flew like a Destroyer. For reference, I throw mainly forehand and my max distance is ~375-400 feet.

I threw it into a ~10-15mph wind, and it gave a little anhyzer flex, but came back without issue. My seasoned AJ Destroyer held the anhyzer a little longer, and then came back.

When compared to my old 2nd run Pharaoh, this didn't glide quite as much, and didn't get as much distance. Once it beats it, I'm hoping it will sit in the sweet spot for a long while. I don't have a 1st, 3rd, or 4th run to compare it to.

Curious to hear others' experiences with this run.

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Anyone thrown Pharaohs and Raiders side by side? How do they compare?
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