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Default Line up of mid-ranges in the bag?

I want to bolster up my mid-ranges a bit. After losing a Buzzz and kc roc I only have a Buzzz SS. I'm not sure what lineup, spectrum to go for. There's the McBeth approach of 7 roc3s that all fly a little different and 1 gator. Or I could go for something like a A1/Justice/Drone Buzz OS, Roc3 and Buzzz.

I often find myself throwing something like a banshee on short approach shots I need a big hyzer around something, because I don't have suitable mid-range. Gator seems nice for this, but there's also the gators on steroids mentioned above.

What's your philosophy on spectrum of stability and variance of discs types specifically for mid-ranges?

PS. I'm also looking to replace my gstar rhyno with something like a soft credo, but afraid it's too soft in the summer
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Midranges, OS > US :

Verdict - EMAC Truth - Claymore - Tursas

Truth gets used 90% of the time. The rest are there for very specific lines, or in the case of the verdict, sometimes wind.

I use the Claymore for midranged turnovers and low powered shots that have to go far (been using an Underworld for these lately)
I use the Tursas for short turnovers, very low powered hyzer flips and weird high altitude lines where I still need the disc to turn.

re.ps. : BT Medium Harp?
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Need more info from you.

Do you like base plastic or premium? Do you want to keep the number of molds low or want a mold for every shot? Did you like the Roc more or the Buzzz?

I think a Champ Roc3, DX Roc3, and Z Comet would be a great place to start. Replace that Rhyno with a Scale. Fossil plastic is my go to, but if you want something flexible and grippy check out a RFF.
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I cover the full spectrum if a course calls for it. My big bag mid setup is Z Drone, Z Wasp, Z Buzzz, Z Buzzz SS, CryZtal Meteor. There is not a line in the world that I could not hit with these. If there is, I have yet to find it.
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I like trilogy's premium plastic, and don't play enough to cycle premium stuff, so I have a few different molds-

Fuse, Compass, Bard, and Trident

Lots say the Trident is a fairway driver, but it fills the very OS/low glide mid slot for me well. The compass gets most of the work done; holds any line you put it on.
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First, how far do you throw putters? If you're good with a solid putt & approach disc (speeds 2-3 or 4), longer-throwing putters may act as short mids.

My own bag has a Star Gator for utility, headwinds, and sometimes putting in the wind; a Panther for utility, accurate shots in the woods, and my 'security blanket'; and a Prodigy M4 for anny/turnover shots. Sometimes I have the Shark3 in the bag for hyzers, as well. If the course calls for it, I'll substitute a VCobra for a throwing putter. What this boils down to for me is course-specific needs...
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Well, this thread is fraught with peril isn't it? It will probably open up the argument where some forum members insist that overstable mids (like Gators) are useless discs that you don't need in your bag. Or it could restart the holy war of the Zone vs. the Gator. Or we could have Roc vs. Roc3 again or cycling vs. using different molds. So many things to argue about on this subject.

Anyway, I will say that there are loads of good mids out there covering every possible spectrum of stability. If you like to cycle, there are good options like KC Rocs, Ghosts, etc. If you don't like to cycle, there are lots of good options in premium plastic as well. I think just about every disc company has pretty nice mid offerings, so you can also take your pic if you happen to like Trilogy or Prodigy or Innova or whatever. There really are a lot of options, and with mids it seems like feel in the hand has a lot to do with peoples' choices.

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for here though. If you're just looking for people to tell you their own mid setup, mine is this:

Beat DX Rancho Roc
Fresh DX Rancho Roc
USDGC Champ Rancho Roc
Pro Pig

Gators also come and go from my bag occasionally depending on the course and circumstances.
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My lineup:

Fast/long/Super OS: San Marino Q Sentinel
Workhorse OS: 2005 USDGC Champion Rancho Roc
Workhorse Neutral: 2008 USDGC San Marino Roc
Workhorse US: DX San Marino Roc

Woodsy course US addition: TI Comet

All beaded. Similar feel. Good coverage. I don't mind different molds that play well together IF they have a similar feel.
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My philosophy: Don't cycle And don't use a lot of different discs. Max I carry is 3, one OS, one S, one US. Usually that's Verdict/Alias/Theory.

Often I drop the Alias and use the Envy in its spot.

Lately I've been trying an extra minimalist approach with the Theory as my only mid and using the Envy and powered down Crave or XXX for OS duties.
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Beat dx cobra

Seasoned King cobra

Fresh King cobra

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