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Took mine out in about 0-5 degrees celsius yesterday and played a round. Seeing as it is dinner plate stiff in those tempereatures I didn’t throw it that much due to fear of breaking it. The purple one starts out real beefy but after a skip on some stones that chipped it a little and a few more tree hits it seemed to get the new knocked out of it. Threw it in the circle on a 104 meter (340’) in a slight headwind. Slight flip, mini turn and a little fade.

I need to test it more in warmer weather but I think these will be great to cycle. I would still carry my Taurus or something overstable like that as a bookend though.
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Has anyone thrown the Swirly Icon Ghosts? How stable are they vs. Pinnacle? Are they pop-tops? Pretty curious about these, because I like the look of them.
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My experience with Pinnacle Ghosts is that they are almost Gators. Super overstanle and zero glide. The icons are a little more workable and floaty, but still less so than the Gravity or Protege. I haven't thrown the current run of swirly Icon, but I can't imagine that it will be much diferent.

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Default Ghost

Decided to toss a Ghost around on the course today. First time I'd ever messed around with one of them.

Observations: Pinnacle, 180g.

At 180g this thing felt really heavy. Obviously a lot heavier than my 167g Roc3. The plastic is very bright and hard for pinnacle. Seems like nice plastic.

The disc is fairly tall for a mid. It has a deep rim and is one of the domiest mids I've ever seen. That combination seems to slow the flight down a bit. I felt like the Ghost was fairly clunky and slow. The Ghost feels weird in your hand and isn't an overly comfortable disc to grip.

Its beefy. The Ghost stays straight even if thrown hard. It fades out much sooner than a champion Roc3. Fairly substantial fade. Throwing the Ghost side by side with the Roc3 I felt like the Ghost was slower and beefier overall. It also didn't glide quite as well.

The Ghost is not a long range mid. I feel like it doesn't glide or penetrate very well, and it seems to fade out sharply and finish short. Once I figured that out I was able to throw the Ghost very accurately. Its a consistent flier and not a hard disc to learn.

I think I'd recommend this disc to fairly advanced players. Its too clunky and beefy for new players or weak arms. Despite all the negative things I've said about the Ghost, I actually ended up liking it. Its a very consistent, steerable mid that likes to be thrown hard. That said, its less glidey and shorter than the Roc3.

Ghost: 4, 4, 0, 3. Not much speed or glide, followed by a dumpy, abrupt fade. The Ghost needs to be thrown hard for it to shine. Great disc for hard, straight midrange drives that you want a strong left finish on. The Ghost is NOT prone to random flipping.

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So what’s the deal with the sparkle protege ghost? Anyone thrown one? Considering giving the ghost a try.
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i suppose it's hard to talk much about discs that are so consistently good, yeah?

we can't bitch about "the old, good ghosts" yet. pretty nice, actually.

anyway, picked up a protege for 4.50$ "used" at GGGT. yoink. basically brand new. nice and overstable, just like my other one. love these things.

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I’ve had the same Gravity Ghost in my main midrange slot for a few years now. It looks thrashed and warped but still flies nice and straight stable.

I really wish they would run the sparkle gravity ones again. I would love a more overstable Ghost without having to pay so much for baseline plastic.
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