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Default Coolest thing about DG to you.

For me, the coolest thing is being able to throw a plastic disc the length of a football field.

I was an baseball outfielder as a youth, and could run down fly balls, but had a pathetic arm. I remember going to a speed gun at the state fair and hitting 69.

Now I can throw something farther than I ever could, and that is what keeps me going.
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For me it's the variety in courses. I always love playing new courses and seeing a different design. There's so much difference between hole length, elevation, types of trees, thickness of trees, obstacles, etc. That to me is one of the biggest pros of disc golf over golf. Golf courses grew old on me. But it feels like that will never happen with disc golf.
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That perfect throw where everything goes right, you throw your best, the disc flys its intended flight path and goes far !

Shooting your best round ever, parking a drive on a long hole, making those clutch upshots for a drop in putt, draining those loooong putts for the bird or that par save !

Meeting up with your DG bros for the Sunday morning rounds .

Trying new plastic, buying new plastic, Dyeing that said plastic, Dyeing plastic for the bros mentioned above !

So many things DG has to offer, hard to pin just one down .
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The fact that 1 hole can be played so many different ways.

The friendships made through the sport.
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1. Throwing stuff. Used to teach winter color guard, throwing rifles, flags and Sabres around- but gave that up at the end of this past school year. Throwing plastic has many technique similarities- and I like watching stuff fly.

2. Hiking. Having a reason to go enjoy the outdoors is nice. Tons of fantastic parks here in Charlotte and nearby. Ive got issues focusing so giving me a goal along the way lets me enjoy my environment more.

3. People. Met some cool people playing. I'm an introvert usually- but running across someone who shares the same interests as me gives me a reason to talk- breaking some of my social awkwardness.

Lots more little stuff- atmosphere at tournaments- designing my own course- and of course, the sound of the chains.
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In no particular order:
Its a game best played alone, in pairs or with a mob.
You assemble your bag and it's a very particular and personal set of tools, unique to you.
The way the games changes the way you view the green spaces around you. We can all see the phantom "lines" we would throw in every field and copse and thicket we encounter.
It is a game of you-versus-the course, which keeps it only as competitive as you want it to be.
Experiencing new courses in other cities, seeing the local land and flora, the regional course sensibilities at work.
Simply being outside.
The culture of disc golfers, by and large. Warm and accepting people.
That exhalation when you pull through just right, and there your disc goes, a pure and exact line of flight.

About the only part of disc golf I don't like is the part where I have a job to go to instead of playing.
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My favorite part about disc golf would be the diversity of the people that I encounter. There is no other sport I can think of where I can just walk up to a guy 40 years older than me and start talking about nothing and become fast friends. Some of my best friendships started out as just BSing with random dudes I joined up with out on the course.

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In no particular order

Getting out of the house
Getting exercise
Watching discs fly
Seeing improvement the more I read, watch, and practice
Being close to so many good/great courses within 45 minute drive
Slowing down to look at the scenery
Learning how the different molds fly
Understanding the physics involved
and a bunch more.
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The fact that I can go play a round on a whim with no advance planning, needing to book a tee time. etc. Just pack the discs in the car and go. If one course is too crowded, just go find another.
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The sounds of nature and being outside in general. I like a deserted quiet course
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