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Default Do you throw an autographed disc?

So I just picked myself up a sweet metal flaked team keen mamba from Val Jenkins.

I bought it because I thought it looked sweet, it would fill a good hole in the bag and the charity aspect sounded great.

I did not process the fact that both Val and Nate would be giving it the sharpie treatment.

So long story short, do you throw discs that have been autographed for one reason or another? Part of me likes the idea of keeping it pristine, but I am used to giving every piece of plastic that enters my world at least a few good rounds.
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signatures in general don't tend to add tons of value to a disc like a LE run does but keep in mind using it might damage the "cool" factor to the disc. Can always get a mamba to throw seems like something I would keep around to show off one way or another but also makes sense if you wanted to throw it being discs are made to fly
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Two things:

1) I would throw it, and I wouldnt be asking others if its ok. To me, discs are meant to be thrown. I get the collectible aspect of it, but its not for me. I play disc golf.

2) If you have to ask, that means you're going to do one of two things. You'll either decide not to throw it and maybe buy another Mamba, or you'll throw it for a little while, the signatures will fade, and you will regret ever throwing it. I say save yourself the heartache and just buy another mamba.

Could always draw a penis on it to rid yourself of the "cool factor". Then theres nothing to worry about.
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Depends on what you want the perceived value to be/stay at for the time you own this disc?

I say if you plan to keep it, throw it and enjoy it! Put a few rounds in it and hang on the wall!

I don't really care about the whole"autograph" deal in general, I can take it or leave it. I would rather meet someone and grab a pic with them. I have a few autographed books but I don't think that makes them worth mega $$$.

I have gotten stuff signed for the bike shop I work at to put up in the store but not for me personally.
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If you value the sigs, just don't throw it and buy a Mamba. There are usually a few in the marketplace forums.
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If I went to the trouble to get a disc with a signature, I would hang it as art.
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Discs are for either throwing or greedily hoarding with the intention of eventually throwing.
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Just met the Yeti himself last weekend. Got two discs from him. One of his wooden Yeti Aviars (28/50) which I got him to sign, and another one of his custom stamped Yeti Aviars which he also signed. I throw the custom stamped Yeti with his signature as my main putter, hoping it brings me some good vibes. The wooden Aviar is staying on my shelf. That disc is so damn pretty I couldn't bring myself to throw it in the first place. Even gave me a personalized phrase which I relay back to my friends when I'm playing a round with them, "Mike Go Ching!"
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I had an old ROC that was beat to hell I got about 10 pro's to sign at an A Tier earlier this year, that's up on my wall in the closet but mostly because it's so understable and beat now that it did me no good keeping it in my bag, it was taking the place of my Meteor, serving double duty. I also have a Wysocki signed Havoc I throw as my main driver. He signed it after we got partnered up for dubs at a mini.
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If Nate signed it, it will obviously fly better than any other Mamba. Huck it.
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