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Originally Posted by armiller View Post
I think the lesson I've learned is that I shouldn't waste money on "long term" replacements. Getting one extra disc, or one to fill a similar slot, can be very useful just in tournament situations where I won't have time to adjust to a slightly different mold or plastic.
Very sound advice.

The only exception to this might be when a disc is going OOP. I stocked up on Green Hornets when they announced the mold was going OOP. I'm still bagging my first, original one, and I may never use the others for more than practice at the range. So it's a 'lifetime' supply, but I have them.
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Managing backups is annoying. I try to have a backup or shared slot for everything, since I'm not confident thowing a disc if I'm unsure that it can be replaced. That's especially true of drivers. But then sometimes overstable stuff will beat in faster than the less stable stuff in the bag, so then I get a logjam at certain slots. For example, my Biofuzion Verdict just reached the stability of a Lucid Emac Truth. So now I have three discs for one slot (Emac, backup Emac, beat Verdict). And then there's the chance that my next Verdict will beat in prior to one of those three, so then I'd have four discs for one slot...

So yeah, back to my initial statement that managing backups is annoying. Necessary, but annoying nonetheless.
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Just don’t count your backups as extra discs.

That got me from over 100 extras down to about 40 extra.

It didn’t change my wife’s opinion but it made me feel better.

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I’ll usually buy two discs when I’m trying them out. If it passes the test and that run is still available, I’ll go back for another five or so. If that run is unavailable, repeat the process. Sometimes I’ll get around a dozen and feel pretty smug about myself, like what I’ve done with D1s and flat top Firebirds. That applies mostly to premium discs.
When buying baseline I sometimes feel like world wouldn’t be enough, and will contemplate hoarding 20-30 identical driving Wizards, and upwards of 15 Rocs. Too many times I’ve gone through a sweet run of 10 Wizards and nearly had a breakdown trying to find a replacement stack. Cycling discs complicates things, and puts a high premium on certain runs and consistency. Innova has given me a few grey hairs over the years, but it’s actually pretty fun playing disc detective.
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I’ve really pared down my backup stash over the years. I like to have one or two backup discs for each of the major slots in my bag. Then I’ll hold on to a few old favorite molds in case I ever feel like going back (Buzzz, Flash, Leopard).

I don’t see a huge need to hoard discs from particular runs because in my experience, you can always find something new/stock to substitute. But it might take a little bit of trial and error. The important thing is to be covered in case you lose your favorite disc the week of a tournament or something.
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