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Originally Posted by Shmacka View Post
I don't actually dream
Are you human? Then you dream.

(Yes, I'm responding to this...7 months later)
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Are you human? Then you dream.

(Yes, I'm responding to this...7 months later)
If you are not dreaming, there is something wrong. It could be sleep apnea, which is treatable.
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Originally Posted by zgmc View Post
If you are not dreaming, there is something wrong. It could be sleep apnea, which is treatable.
I dream plenty and there is still something wrong. Too many bad/weird dreams for starters.
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I can't remember if I posted about this before, but I once had a dream where I was playing a round with Vanilla Ice. He actually had this amazing Swiss Alps-esque mountain course on his property with huge downhill bombs and giant throws across crevasses. One of the best courses I've played. Funny thing is, he was actually really bad at disc golf. I felt kinda bad for him. He was made fun of as a rapper AND he sucked at disc golf.
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So I about posted a new thread about my disc golf dream from last night, but then I remembered, this is an internet forum, and there is going to be at least two people who would respond by linking me to multiple threads similar to mine to passive aggressively shame me for not using the search feature. So to all those who have done that before, it worked...

On to the dream!

I was standing on my nightstand, as if I was a very, very small person, or I was in a very, very large room and there were a number of guys near, each one with a number on his chest and they would step up and throw a disc. It got to mine turn, and I took my Soft Proton Anode and launched it across the room, but was disappointed when I hit a jewelry box on the dresser on the other end of the room. I thought for sure I had lost (I assumed it was a distance competition), but I got good news, even though mine fell to the floor, I wound up tied with a guy I went to high school with. So we both got moved on to the finals. Only then was I informed that we were in the winter olympics first ever disc golf distance event. So there we are, transported to the top of the ski jump hill and told to let it rip. Vincent, the guy I went to high school with, he ripped something US, but ripped it too hard and it crashed and burned on him out and right. I stepped up and thought, slow and smooth. Pulled out my new Neutron Servo (thanks nmh) and through a beautiful slow and steady drive that just floated for days. I covered the ski hill and went into the crowd and instantly everyone exploded!

The anthem started going, and there I was, atop the medal stand being handed a gold medal. I was euphoric. I got back to my hotel room and met with someone from the US olympic team who handed me a check for $250,000 for winning a gold medal, and told me congratulations and then he left. I decided, instead of going home right away, that I would do a bit of travel, and at the end of the dream, I wound up taking over the Latvian national basketball team to prepare them for competition in Brazil in 2016.

So apparently, I OD'd on the olympics and am only now starting to go through withdraws, as well as having delusions of grandeur about my disc golf game lol.
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