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I've been using an overstable putter (star aviarx3) on a slight anny for those tight short tunnel shots. Holds the line well and I can throw it reasonably hard because its not going to glide forever.
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If you’re content with the 50-100’ shots and the 200’ shots as you mentioned in your original post then covering the distances in between shouldn’t be overly complicated. You can either work to push that hundred foot shot longer or take a little power off that two-hundred foot throw. Practice and repetition is really about the best way to figure out which works better for you.

If you have a decent practice area find yourself a target at 150’ and just start throwing at it.
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Originally Posted by Keller View Post
Good video. 100% something I have not tried with bringing the arm UP moreso than back. I'd tried bringing it not 100% back, but it always felt super awkward (and that's when I tend to short-arm the follow through because I felt like I was short-arming the movement back). I'll definitely give the "arm up" technique a try when I go out to practice tomorrow.
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I’ve been working on my mid game some.—work in progress.

Related to this issue, when I get to a long putt—c2 edge out to 100’ for example I’m throwing a putter with a fan and something between a standstill putt and a full throw. with a modified fan grip. My thought is that if I do that same throw that gets me 100’ with a putter, I can choose a faster disc with more glide and execute that same fairly accurate throw and get more distance. For me, I’m going to a mid like a Truth or Buzz for that.

Anyway, the point is to not throw harder, but to choose a disc that flies further with the same effort.

It’s still an experiment, but I’ve had some positive results. YMMV.
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I started flicking 50-100’ approaches, because I needed to work on FH. Exclusively. Then it worked up to 200’ approaches. Exclusively FH. Now I’m OK up to 300’ for forehand. Forehand is easier to throw lower, for sure.

Then I started working on hyzer flip forehands, like US speed 4 (I like the Bounty). I’m getting better with those and starting to try understable fairways and drivers.

I started flicking a Harp, then picked up a Stego (amazing), and a Rhyno. Upgraded Rhyno to a Berg (also amazing) for all my approaches under 200’. Don’t use the Harps any more.

If you can throw 200’ hyzer flip forehands, tunnels get real big.
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Originally Posted by Monocacy View Post
You can also use height to control distance. Throw low and firm, let the disc hitting the ground control your distance.

Alternately, throw a soft, nose-up anny to keep the disc straight-ish and control distance that way.

The more you throw these tweener shots, the more proficient will become. Grab some putters and throw at a tree from various distances.

Last (and probably best) suggestion: play catch! Good luck!

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Try using a fan grip for shorter putter shots. It will add accuracy and definitely slow the disc down, you'll come in slower and skip less.

It's hard to power grip a shorter shot without over powering it, that's why everyone uses a fan grip when putting. If you expand that idea out to 100 feet, or even 200 feet...

Yes to playing catch.
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In addition to slowing down my whole throw. I do the angle/wrist above elbow kinda like here:


And also kinda here:


These both helped me immensely with simple statements. I watch that brad Williams one on the regular.

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One possible reason you are struggling, related to the idea of reps, is that you only have a very few of these specific shots required you when you play. You play that hole or those two holes, coming into each one cold, play it poorly, and it just reinforces the negative feedback.

One possibility to give you meaningful practice with enough reps is to play some full rounds from rec tees. At least in my local area, nearly all of the holes require shots over 100 and less than 200.
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