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Putting putter - Grid Aviar
Approach disc - Judge
Stable approach* - Jokeri
Mid - Roc
Hybrid* - Discraft Sting
Fairway - Teebird
Driver - Beast

Stable approach --- I use it for wind, flexy shots, and forehand approaches.
Hybrid ---- This isn't really something that I vocalize, but it is a hybrid between a mid and a fairway. I can take a little off it if I want a slightly faster Roc, I can hyzerflip a straight shot if I want a little less finish than the Teebird, and I can turn it if I want.

Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

I carry more stuff, but that is my core bag.
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Hella OS utility
Circle putter

Flippy turnover
Utility/Thumber disc
Very OS utility

Turnover/water carry (I would give up the game if I lost my turnover mid - bag this disc just for those spots)/backup roller
Mildly flippy
For low ceilings/OS
OS open shots
OS for FH shots
Very OS/utility

Distance drivers:
For low ceiling shots
Slightly US
Mostly straight/slightly OS
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I say just throw the heck out of all the discs that you have, and get experience over time.

Yes, you will naturally reduce the amount of molds in your bag eventually. But, I don't think that matters very much for folks that are just starting out.
Learn how your current discs fly. Try out new ones as you want. Have fun. Get more sophisticated and reduce molds later if you want.

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I'll humor you. But there's a lot of redundancy with other threads out there if you do some more looking.

Putting putter - KC Pro Aviar
Primary throwing putter for straightish shots - Eclipse Soft Proton Ion (sometimes Plasma)
Overstable "not really a putter" - Ti Zone (or ESP or Z Zone)
Utility/understable putter for line shaping and Polecat magic - DX Polecat, max weight

Workable but "has some bite at the end" midrange - Buzzz x2 (beat Z and more overstable Big Z)
More workable with almost no fade midrange - Z Comet

Understable Fairway - Pro Leopard

I'm losing enthusiasm. I agree with others that you should learn the discs you have (especially since you're clearly not someone who began with a Groove, Destroyer, Boss, and Firebird...). After that, you'll learn there are some shots that you and your bag don't manage well. Then, as you work on your throws you will find some new discs that help you pull off new shots. I suspect that's how most of us have built a bag. Looking at my bag like this helps remind me I have a lot of overlap, especially in the fairway section. However, I'm comfortable using those discs on the course in specific conditions, so I don't mind.

But I do think that the disc creates the slot, almost as much as a slot has room for a disc. My Polecat and Comet, for example, are just so good at what they do that I will always have them in the bag for certain courses. In other words, the Comet slot is not an "understable mid" slot as much as it is just a "Comet" slot.

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My 'slots' are pretty similar to what others have said already in this thread. I carry 4-5 throwing putters, 4-5 mids, and 4-5 fairways. My utility OS and utility US discs also both happen to be fairways, so there are actually times that I have up to 7 fairways in my bag even though only 4-5 are 'normal throwers.'

The only slots of mine that may be a tad out of the norm are:

-I don't carry a true understable distance driver. I'd rather hyzerflip a speed 9 disc or throw a distance driver that I know will fade. The speed/understability combo is just too squirrelly for me when I've bagged something like a Vanish in the past.

-A super slow (speed 1) and low glide approach disc is a slot that I didn't know I needed until I tried it. I don't foresee ever bagging a full stability spectrum of Speed 1 discs, but bagging a single Berg for shots that are just *barely* too long to putt has been a stroke saver.
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came here to reiterate the garu build a bag thread... going on 10 years old and still so valuable.

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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
You can obsess about filling "slots" in your bag, but you would be better served picking like 5-6 discs and really learn how to throw them and make them work different lines. Bonus if you do this for BH AND FH.
Originally Posted by kevdiv48 View Post
came here to reiterate the garu build a bag thread... going on 10 years old and still so valuable.
This. My bag is still based on the 4 disc Garu "starter bag." (Although I've bumped the drivers up to 9 speed control drivers to help cover for iffy FH form).

Stable Putter (Myth, Always)

Neutral Mid (Comet, Always)

US-Neutral Driver (Roadrunner, right now)

Stable-OS Driver (Thunderbird, right now)
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For me, I like to find discs I can use to cover a number of shots.

MVP Resistor is overstable speed 6-7 and I use it as both my overstable fairway and mid. Zone below this, MVP Photon above.
Leopard is understable speed 6-7 and I can use it for turnover shots and straight hyzer flip fairway shots. Sol below this, MVP Wave above. Add a putter that you like to throw and putt with and you have 7 molds. This to me would be the minimum.

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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
You can obsess about filling "slots" in your bag, but you would be better served picking like 5-6 discs and really learn how to throw them and make them work different lines. Bonus if you do this for BH AND FH.
pretty much this ^.

for instance, with a soft focus I putt, approach and drive both BH and FH, and FH roller.
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Originally Posted by howie183 View Post
Hey folks,
So I love data entry and I have recently fallen in love with disc golf, because I am new to the sport I am learning how to build a bag and I am curious to see how others build their bags. All over this forum, I hear about reducing down to 7 or so molds in your bag, but I always struggle on what ones to keep or what to call each slot? I was wondering if I could hear from you folks on what you call each "slot" in your bag and what you bag there. Here is what I got so far.

Putter - Pure
Approach - Pig
Utility Mid - Gator
Mid I Trust - Roc3
Stable Mid - Buzzz
Understable Mid - Fuse
Overstable Fairway - Felon
"Workhorse" - Explorer
Control Driver - Valkyrie
Power Driver - Thunderbird
Distance Driver - Destroyer
Understable Distance Driver - Shryke
I have way too many molds in my bag and am trying to reduce them. I was hoping to compile answers and get an average look at what folks carry, I am more interested in the names that you call each slot, thanks. Let me know!

I found a similar thread here: https://www.dgcoursereview.com/forum...ad.php?t=90717
Pig and Gator can be used for the same approach shot. I say just get a Gator in a plastic like the Metal Flake Champion that will be MF on the disc and more flatter top and a whatever is main disc plastic for OS midrange. The Gator mold is workable as an approach disc as well as OS midrange and the reason one can with Gator or Cyaman/Mortar more then over most other midrange for the OS approach shot is the mold is the small diameter size not the 180 gram max diameter or larger that also has a putter like shape to the mold. Also in approach power the Gator will be more OS. I know since my brother uses 2 Gator in different plastic a Metal flake and G-Star for OS midrange and then both for approach shot.

I do have 2 max D disc well one is Max D for me, a Star Archon that is mostly used for Max D shots on not as open holes but then when I need a longer Valkyrie line that my Glow Champion and Star Valkyrie would be ~20 feet short of. The other is 2 Champion Destroyer in different weight and dome shape for an OS beast at 170 grams for days I play disc golf I should not be playing then the other is a Dome to flat disc that is 167 grams and is more true flight to a Destroyer flight.

I tend to think of discs this way since 2016, if I can't find at least two uses for a Disc it does not go into the bag, putting only putters being the exception to having only one use.
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