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Default Dedicated to improve my form...

Longtime lurker, finally signed up as I've been playing a few years but really started taking this serious the last 5 monthes with playing at least twice a week and hitting the field for practice. I just started filming my throws and would appreciate any insight and comments.

As of now, I know I'm arming/rounding a lot and have timing issues but know there's much more as well...I can max out around 340 but seem to land most of my drives just shy of 300 consistently. Would love to break thru the 300 ft barrier and get some more distance and more importantly dial in my form, I know distance won't come without that.

I welcome your critique and I'm ready to hit the field and work on it.




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One thing that will help is letting your front shoulder turn back further before planting. You are starting to pull with your arm before the front leg plants and that is contributing to the rounding. The weight shift in the lower body isn't too bad really, I think you need to stagger the stance a little bit more (approximately front heel lines up with rear toes) and will also help you with getting space to turnback further.

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Thanks for the info...makes sense.

Will that also help with bringing the disc closer to body and into the pocket? Feel like I need twist my hips a bit more but not sure.
Thanks !
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Need to slow down and remain in balance and turn your whole front side(front foot to head) further back into the plant. Stride from door frame pulling/coiling your body further back loaded into rear leg going into the plant.

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Thanks Sidewinder, I'll try those today...playing a round as well so I'm going to focus on slowing down.
I'm going to get back into the field this week and take some more vids, supposed to get snow this week but I'll still get out there.
thanks again, enjoy your sunday everyone.
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