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Default MrHobbes' Form Adventure

My name is Hobbes and I have bad form. However, I would like to change that!

My goal for this year is to be able to consistently and accurately hit 350'. I'd love to be able to throw a Teebird that far, but I'd settle for being able to throw anything that far

Form Video:

(If a different angle or type of shot would be helpful, let me know and I can try and record another video later this week)
This shot was with a Star Valkyrie and went ~290' flat and <10' off the ground.

General Shots:
Valks and a roadrunner generally go 280-300'.
Leopards and Teebirds about 260-280'
Rocs and Mako3's about 240-260'
Putters up to 240'

I can standstill a putter out to about 220' flat and straight.

Things I feel like I am doing incorrectly:
1. This biggest issue I feel like I have right now is my pull-through. I seem to have trouble keeping my wrist bent downwards as I'm pulling across my chest and that is leading to nose up problems.
2. Whether I do a run-up or stand-still I feel like stance is too wide, but a smaller stance just feels unnatural and uncomfortable. (For reference, I'm 6'1" and my stride-length is a little over 3')
3. In my x-step, my left foot is point too far backwards causing me to be horse-stanced.
4. My reachback is happening too soon
5. I'm not bracing properly or getting all my weight on my front foot

I'm sure there are a dozen other things I could be doing better, but I feel like those are the ones that are most costing me distance.

I think the biggest thing I struggle with is that I feel like when I'm throwing in the field I'm trying to fix 2-5 different issues at once when I need to just focus on a single thing and fix that first, then move on to the next issue. I'd really like some input about developing some sort of plan of attack as to fixing my issues, or more generally which issue I should focus on first. So, for example, should I focus on fixing my pull-through before anything else? And if so, which videos would be helpful to watch and what drills/how should I be trying to correct it? Would throwing from a standstill be more beneficial?

Thank you all for reading and especially those willing to try and help me out!
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Standstill and One Leg Drill. You are going over and around your front hip instead of bracing tilt upright through it.

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Yeah, learn to throw one leg so your spine is on the lead leg and balanced...then learn how to shift the weight onto the front leg so that you land with the spine on the front leg from a standstill or X-step. Right now your spine is only on the rear leg and you're throwing your shoulders forward. No sense trying to "fix" your pull through/swing plane until your spine is balanced on the plant leg and not tipping during the throw.
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