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Old 11-13-2020, 01:06 PM
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Default Looking for a very specific FW disc

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a VERY specific FW disc and need some good suggestions. I'm looking for a FW disc that is really easy to throw pretty far, high to super high glide, and just about dead straight with a little turn and either very little fade, or none at all.

For reference, I throw my mids around 300-330 and FW discs around 330-360 or so right now, so I still haven't figured out how to throw super far yet (been working on that over the last year and a half). But it's getting a lot easier to throw in that 333-360 range with a lot less effort.

I currently have a few FW's that I love, but aren't quite what I want. I have 4 Discmania S-Line FD's, a Prodigy 750 plastic F5, and a Lat64 Goldline Maul. All of those are close to what I want, but not really. The Maul is my turnover disc. I can't throw it straight to save my life anymore. If I throw it flat and well, it goes straight for maybe 50' then starts gently turning right the entire way until it lands. Ends up WAY right from where I started it, but it's a SUPER useful disc in my bag for longer Dog leg rights where I can't throw my FH that far. And even if I throw it on a super hyzer, it still turns.

Then the F5 is super weird. It goes out 50 or so ft straight, then turns right, but then turns back left to fade kind of hard! Not what the numbers on it say. So it's more of a S shape flight, can't throw it straight to save my life. And ALWAYS has a pronounced fade of around 1.5-2. Wondering if getting this disc, but in the softer 400 or 400G plastic would help straighten it out and make it more like what I'm looking for?

Then the FD's are well worn and fly kind of straight or with a slight fade the entire way, then always fade left a fair amount at the end. I literally have to CRUSH one, to get the right flight path, where it turns a little right, then rides that forever, then fades back left. But all of my FD's (I have 4 S's and 2 C's) have a fairly pronounced fade at the end. Which is really weird as it says -1 turn/1 fade. I'd rate ALL my FD's as 7/5/0/1.5-2. They aren't a whole lot different than my Color Glow Lion FD2's. The FD's just have a tad more glide. But not 6. They're just NOT the disc they say they are for me. With numbers like 7/6/-1/1, you'd think that disc would be PERFECT for what I want, but it's not. It almost never turns right and has a fairly pronounced fade. Plus it never goes as far as I think it should.

And what I want is a FW that goes dead straight or even turns right a tad, but then stays straight, or has a super baby fade at the most. I have a Star Mako that is literally the flight path I want, but it's a Mid. If I crush it a little too hard, it just takes off and goes right and stays there. Doesn't really keep turning right, just stays on a straight line right, kind of like a line drive in baseball if that makes sense.

And if I throw it perfect, on a slight hyzer, it takes off a little right at first, then stays there the entire time, then ALWAYS has this little mini baby fade at the end of a few ft. It's the PERFECT flight path. Plus it's SO easy to throw and has really good glide and distance for a mid. The distance on that disc is effortless. It's probably my longest mid (out of 10 or so discs), and by far the easiest to throw discs in my bag.

And that's what I want out of this FW disc I'm looking for. Something that is SUPER easy to throw pretty far, but with a VERY reliable straight to ever so slight turn flight path. And little to no fade.

So the few discs I can think of by looking throw ALL the discs on Infinite Discs site that might work are:
- 400g Prodigy F5
- Any Lat64 River
- Discmania Essence
- MVP Amp
- Axiom Crave

But I'm open to other suggestions. I'm also wondering if plastics can make a huge difference here? My best guess is that a Lat64 River is EXACTLY the disc I'm looking for, but want to hear your suggestions first before I buy something. I have WAY too many discs and need to actually sell them off, haha. Thanks
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The flight path that you are asking is one of the most difficult ones imo. The DM essence is the one I use out of the bunch for the shot you are describing. Its one of the furthest flying 8 speeds in the market.

Another great option would be the AGL Sycamore (7/5/0/1). Really straight flight with a little turn when smashed hard.

One more mold not mentioned is the TL3 from innova. I have a friend that throws it for dead straight +330ft shots. It stands up from a moderate hyzer to straight and it doesn't have any fade.

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Old 11-13-2020, 01:24 PM
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Th TL3 or even Leoprd3 could be good here, as could a Crave or even a Yikun View. All of those can do that line, but I may say that the distance the net you may not be too much longer than a midrange.

One thing to consider about this shot is that the shots shape is almost more about controlling angles and speed than anything. Personally I use a Stag for this shot and it has more turn and fade than you are looking for, but with the right amount of height and hyzer it performs it admirably.
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opto saint which has crazy glide and distance and subtle turn and subtle fade it almost feels like cheating

next would be gstarrr sw which has a little moar turn than the saint but such a beautiful flight and a baby fade

you could also beat in/cycle teebirds to get that flight

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Old 11-13-2020, 02:18 PM
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My distances are about 30' or so shorter than yours but for that FW shot in my bag it's a perfectly seasoned DX teebird. Just like the mako3 I bag but longer, it gets that same surprising easy distance. I've slowly been trying to season in a star Teebird but it's noticeably more stable thus far.

The caveat to that is if you play a lot of woods golf and like to hit trees you may find they season past that sweet spot semi quickly. Not that it's any huge loss, DX discs are like $8 at the local shop.

I'm also bagging an Essence, it flies almost like that sweet spot dx bird, but it's just enough extra fast that I'm finding I have to put a little extra on it to make it stay straight (makes sense I guess being a speed 8) I'm curious to see how this one beats in, I'm hoping once broken in it'll be just like the dxtb but we'll see.
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Old 11-13-2020, 02:55 PM
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Both FD's and Rivers fly more stable for me than numbers suggest.

Explorers fly less stable than numbers suggest and give me the flight that you describe, but my favorite disc for that shot is a seasoned DX Teebird.
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Old 11-13-2020, 03:00 PM
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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I have a few buddies who probably have a few of those Innova discs. So I can try them out before buying.

I'm also just going to buy a River now, that way I don't lose out on one (for some reason a LOT of good discs are all out of stock lately, and it's really hard to find one, and in a color/weight you want).

Also need to find one of those Discmania Essence discs when they are back in stock and try it out. The numbers made me think it would fly a lot like my Maul, too much turn. But after reading some more reviews, it sounds like it actually might be exactly what I'm looking for!

Thanks again everyone
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Old 11-13-2020, 03:47 PM
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Consider the weight on your disc too. Example: I carry a max weight TL3 and a 168g. The 168g turns when thrown hard, but the max weight really only drifts right (rhbh) if there is a headwind. I use the 168g on tunnel shots. I throw it low and hard so it flips up and gets to the ground before it fades.

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I really don't know what a FW disc is.

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Dynamic Discs Escape is the disc you're looking for. Imo no other brand has a disc that flies like it. Extremely easy and straight distance when thrown flat with minimal turn and fade.

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