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Default Kastaplast recommendations

I’m interested in kastaplast discs. I’m wondering from anyone who has thrown a lot of the brand, what discs would you recommend trying first?

What are the best discs, including plastic type, and why? Is there any one that really stands out and excels at what it does?

If I were to get 3-5 discs of theirs to try out to get a feel for what they have to offer, including plastic type, which would you recommend?

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I’m not a huge fan of the molds from kasta
The berg and rask have rims that are not comfortable to me however if you need some glow plastic Kasta has by far the best and brightest glow on the market

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Well... If you want truly unique molds that you can't find from any other manufacturer I would check the Berg and the Rask.

The Berg is a glidless brick, but is a straight flyer. Perfect approach disc.

The Rask is a ultra fast (14) overstable monster that has a "double rim" google the disc and you will understand what I mean by it.

K1 plastic is one of the best blends in the business for cold and wet. One of my favorite plastic blends in the market. Nice and soft (like good old gummy star imo).

If you want solid discs that would find a place in your bag really fast the list is here:

K1 Lots (straight fairway with great glide)
K1 Svea (fuse style straight/understanble mid)
K1 Grym (13 speed straight distance driver)
K1 Grym X (12 speed overstable distance driver)
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Depends on what you like, I would say the Reko, Stal and Kaxe Z are the best intros to the company as a stable putter, reliable fairway and a long midrange.

I personally like the Rask as it is a great distance for hand disc, but if you don’t throw a forehand 450+ you won’t get a full flight from a new one. Haven’t thrown the Grym yet but it seems nice also.
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So I throw lots kastaplast. First off, best place to get kastaplast is par plastics.

I personally say you can skip the berg.

The reko is an excellent neutral throwing putter, very pureish. Get one in k1 and k3.

If you like US finesse mids check out the svea. Super glidy, and punishes bad form. But when you get it right the disc works wonders.

A falk and lots are an excellent pairing, probably the best two discs in the lineup. Very versatile pairings of 9 speeds.

Then you can grab a grym x for cranking on some drives.

I keep a rask for crazy utility shots. Great for all kinds of very aggressive shots. Huge spike hyzer. Low skips, crazy headwind. The rim is odd though, if you have big or beefy hands you may not like it.
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While I don’t bag it currently, the Kaxe is a decent disc. At the time I discovered it I found it kind of bridged a gap between my mids and fairways. The K1 plastic is as awesome as everyone says it is. If you want a comparison it’s probably closest to the Neo plastic used in the newer Discmania offerings.
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I’ve been digging the lots/falk combo a lot lately. The svea was an instant auto-include in my bag.

My buddy will not play without a berg and reko. The kaxe is great but fills a weird hole I don’t really have in my bag.

Really everything from them I have tried is a good disc. K1 is probably my favorite current run plastic as well.
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I throw the following molds... all in the K1 plastic... which is some of the best in grip & feel out there.

Berg: A glide less brick is a great way to describe this disc. I use it for upshots on most courses. For some shorter courses... I will use it for drives as well. It has a different feel to it but is one of my favorite discs for its unique traits.

Kaxe Z: A nice slightly overstable midrange that fits nicely between an Emac Truth and an Explorer.

Lots: A nice fairway driver with some turn in it.

Grym: I used this for a longer distance shot that doesn't turn over unless there is a strong headwind.

While I have never thrown one... a friend really likes the Reko for a driving putter.

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I putt with K3 Rekos, drive with a K1 Reko, approach with a K1 Berg, a Glow Kaxe is making it's way into my bag and I am looking at replacing my Champ Mako3 with a K1 Svea (though it's currently a little more understable).

In future I hope to replace my flippy DX Destroyer and Leopard with a K1 Falk and replace my Star Teebird with a K1 Lots.

I also have a Glow Reko, Glow Berg, Glow Grym & Glow Rask to fill out my Glow bag.

They don't have something like a Zone and my game has finally developed to the point where I think I need a disc like that. I'm probably going to buy a Zone of some kind but I haven't looked into the plastics properly yet.

Having said all that I don't make good decisions on the course so they almost certainly will have no impact on my scores.

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I hope they make a "Zone disc sometime.

Berg is money, but abit of a niche.

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