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I don't do half of what I wish, mostly out of fear and laziness, but also because I cannot find a place to settle and do not want to be a recluse.

The Luddites rejected a technology that had forcibly rejected them. Embracing technology is sometimes courageous, sometimes cowardice. It is never inevitable.

So it may be that some day I will be free of automobiles. Already I use them with painful guilt. Without even considering the use of fossil fuels, the ecological and human waste of roads and cars is enormous. For example, a highway built through eastern Kentucky has the potential to irreplacably destroy the entire context of family lives. The home, (meaning the house, sheds, creek, garden plot, path to the river, coal bank, woodlot, hunting ground, springs and wells) and the homes of neighbors as well as the very mountaintop they have sat on are not only defaced but pass entirely out of existence. For another example thousands of humans are killed and their deaths (and the grief and subsequently twisted and darkened histories of families) are viewed as an inevitable cost of convenience (meanwhile we pretend to give a rip about the deaths of a few children in school shootings, or create forum threads to mourn the loss of celebrities). Aware of all these things, I continue to drive, and, knowing there is no justification, yearn for absolution.
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Originally Posted by EarthRocker View Post
Finally, I apologize to the OP. I'm sure this is not really what you had in mind.
Y'all turned a throwaway joke post into an eight-pager. I'm not mad.

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