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Roadrunner, D line FD, TD
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Originally Posted by Spike Hyzer View Post
I am looking for suggestions for a good roller disc. I am looking for something in the 7-10 speed range. I roll a Prodigy D4 for longer rollers. I used to use a Discraft Avenger SS in this slot and loved it, but I have found the three I have tried since to be very inconsistent. Either way more stable or understable.

I am looking for a disc I can throw with a slight anny that will roll and with hyzer it will flip up and ride right and hold the right turn without cutting into the ground.I max around 450 BH and throw controlled flat to hyzer shots 420.

What do you all got for me? I currently only bag Prodigy, Discmania, and Trilogy and would like to keep in that realm if possible. Thanks.

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Get good at tuning your discs.. From those three the maul, f5, fd, and td all would be close.

But my personal suggestion is to just learn to use your faster roller disc on different angles for shorter rollers. A more flippy driver will not roll as far. But if you are set on having this disc though: take the 3 avengerSS you have and learn tuning, once you have one you like to roll, tune the other 2 to be identical to it.

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Originally Posted by Spike Hyzer View Post
What's the biggest difference between the RR and SW? I see lots of pros throw them.
I agree wing shape is biggest difference. SW has a pretty straight bottom rim/wing whereas RR is convex so feels a bit different and is nearly symmetric above/below the nose. I don't know which one holds rollers straight longer based on that weight distribution, but generally SW is a bit more stable.

Champ SW can be much more stable than Star, although I haven't thrown a new champ for a while. At your power level you will be able to turn fresh stars into rollers for sure, and champs will have a better chance of being a hyzer flip disc but may still have fade at the end. Even flippy SW I find have a gradual and continual turn during the whole flight, they are very fun to throw.

Sexton is one of the best backhand rollers throwers IMO and he uses Sidewinders, and can get them to go real long rather than just turning/curling rollers.

Here is SW rim vs RR, in that order:

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I prefer to roll discs even for distance in the 8-10 range. I like the Icon Mongoose better than the RR or SW. AvengerSS never really clicked with me. I'm guessing it's only coming down to personal preference between those 4, they all have similar enough flights.
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G-FD is a great roller. Flippy enough to roll out of the box, but won't beat up as fast as D-Line and rob you of distance on rollers. I had a DX Valk that was beat up so much that all I could DO was roll it. Released decently high with a 35-45 degree hyzer, it would flip over, hit the ground, roll for about 200 feet and curl out for a total of 300' max. DX beats in too much for me to trust as a roller.

400 Prodigy F7s are fantastic, but tend to be a bit inconsistent. I used them for years and loved them, but over the last 2-3 years as I replaced some, I had some that were paper plate flippy and some that were Teebird stable. Strange...

Now, I use M4s, S-FDs, and S-TDs for all my rollers. TD is very similar to a Roadrunner, but a little more stable. You have to crank down on it harder and play with the angle to get it to the ground, but it is MUCH more consistent for me and longer than RRs for me. Oddly enough, I've found most TD2s at least as stable as TDs if not moreso.

Long story short, understablity is needed to get the roller down on angle, but overly flippy discs stand up too quick and rob you of distance. This is why I avoid rolling DX plastic. Go with Barsby's advice and try a RR and get yourself an STD. (Even better if you can find a used/seasoned one used in a local shop)
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Off the shelf solution is a VIP Underworld in the 170s. They don't roll very long because of the understability, but like you said you have a longer roller in the bag anyway.

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Since you throw really hard, here's Barsby throwing his Roadrunner. I would assume this is on the stable end of these?

FWIW this is the flight I get out of a proper/expected stability SW or RR and I would be more using them in the 350-375' range so not as far as you. Usually they take a little beating up for me to get this shape out of, but that long turn is characteristic.


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im a noodle compared to you but why not the fury

or a trashed ppd
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I use a Sparkle Nemesis for this slot right now. Probably true to the 10/6/-4/2 numbers. Released with hyzer it will flip all the way over and hold the right turn, and will fight out at the end if you give it enough height. Released with anny it will roll.
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Fury if you want just those brands. Sidewinder or a Roadrunner from Innova is okay, too.

However, if you're willing to try something else, I'd suggest you try an Infinite Discs Sphinx. This is an awesome disc for throwing as well as using for rollers.

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