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Default My dyeing journal - fails and wins

I want to keep track of my dyed discs, and also keep notes on what worked (for me) and what did not work. So I figured why not do it here. That way I can keep track, and maybe not do the same mistakes later, and maybe someone that wants to try dyeing later can learn something from my mistakes.

So, this is my first dyes:

Disc: S-Line P2 Sky God
My very first dyeing attempt. Conditionerbed, blue Rit Dye More, sat for 16 hours. I don't like it, but I don't hate it. Accepted that it was my first attempt, and put it back in the bag

Disc: Star Wysocki Destroyer
Did this one at the same time as the Sky God. Shaving cream bed,Rit Dye More, sat for 16 hours. Came out a bit dark, but definately something close to the effect I wanted. Should have been on a white disc, would have looked alot cooler I think.

Disc: Star Valkyrie
Shaving cream bed, Rit Dye More, and I think it sat for 13-14 hours. This looks allright, but I forgot to spin the disc 30-45 degrees after I put it down on the shaving cream.

Disc: Star Teebird
A new test, conditionerbed and rit dye more. Sat for 8 hours I think, turned out very ugly at first. Tried to salvage with another round with more red. A bit better, but not happy with it.

Disc: Yellow Lucid EMAC Truth
Shaving cream, Rit Dye More, 10 hours. I am not liking this technique on colored discs very much. But with my patience, I had to try anyways.

Disc: White Lucid EMAC Truth
This was my first attempt with this disc. It was on a shampoo bed, with yellow, blue and red RIT Dye More, and it sat for 21 hours. I think the dye soaked a bit too much into the shampoo, thus not giving alot of color to the disc. It was okay, but I wanted a bit more.

So I made a bed out of conditioner and gave it 5 more hours with Rit Dye More. Then it came out like this (a bit brighter in real life than on the picture). More satisfied with it now, and for sure keeping it this way.

Disc: White Opto Saint
This was done at the same time as my first attempt with the white EMAC, and also a bed of shampoo, RIT Dye More and it sat for 21 hours. This one got a lot more color compared to the Truth, and I'm not sure why. Love how it came out.

Notes for my self after my first weekend of dyeing:
These techniques works best on white discs in my opinion. Don't try more on colored discs.
Shampoo-technique needs more testing. The Opto Saint got the effect I wanted. Try to replicate.
Shaving cream technique looks cool on white discs. Needs more testing.
The shaving cream mound does not work very well with liquid dye. Next try with iDye powder dye. (Pictures of this attempt later)

Other things I want to try:
Spin dyeing

That's it for now. I have 2 discs on shaving cream beds right now. One is an attempt to salvage a failed shaving cream mound with liquid dye, and the other is an attempt at mixing dye and shaving cream to gain more control on how it lays out.
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So the Trespass and the Escape is done.

Disc: Fuzion Escape
So this was my first attempt on shaving cream mound. Does not work very well with liquid dye. Tried to salvage it with the same technique as I did with the trespass, and luckily it turned out a bit better. So first this had 10 hours on the shaving cream mound (first picture) and then it had 12 hrs on shaving cream bed with pattern made with mixed shaving cream and dye.

Disc: Lucid Air Trespass
I managed to somewhat get the effect I want, needs more time next time for sure. This was 12 hrs, and shaving cream bed with pattern made with mixed shaving cream and dye.

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